Friday, January 29, 2010

JUGS Banner Challenge #18

Dana is hosting this week and I love what she has come up with......making a banner (as always, I did something different and didn't do a pennant banner!). I kinda cheated, not really, but I made my banner about 3 months ago right before Kale was born. I wanted something to hang up in his room at the hospital so this is what I came up with. I used my Pazzles (the cutter that I very much dislike!) and cut out the letters. The shapes I copied off of the bedding from Kale and Ethan's room and then cut everything out of felt. I used the sewing machine to stitch around the edges and then handstitched the rest. I finally (just because of this challenge) got it hung up in Kale's room. My plan is to make a personalized frame above this. I have it designed, just haven't had the time to make it yet!
Here is another banner that I made for Ethan's 4th birthday last year. I have it hanging up in Kale's room too. It used to hang above Ethan's bed and I switched things around a bit when we got ready for Kale to be born. The story behind this is SOOO cute. We had this hanging up at our friend's house where we had his party because it was hot out and they have a pool. He told our friend Brick, "Look Brick it says Happy Birthday Ethan"! Isn't that adorable. He was so serious and really thought the sign said that!

Here's Ethan sporting his new black hat! He didn't like this at first and wore his Wal-Mart $5 red hat for the longest time, then Uncle Aaron wore his and Ethan hardly took his off since that day! Isn't he just adorable!! Miss you E!


Dana Gustafson said...

These are so adorable! I love them! Your little cowboys have the best mom. THe story of Ethan's translation of "yeehaw" is certainly a memory to be treasured. And Cowboy Kale will love seeing his name in everyday and knowing it was made with love by you!

Lisa Kind said...

What a sweet post, Alicia! Love the stories about Ethan. And your banners are so cute. Glad that this challenge got you to hang Kale's banner. I'm sure he'll love seeing it everyday.

Stampin' Pam said...

ALicia this is just fabulous - what a great room decoration - if I ever havea grandbabies I could really get into all that cool stuff again :-) I love the stories you always share - about Ethan and Ava and Kale... Great job.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Alicia, these banners are precious & I enjoy reading your family stories :)