Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter!

We've had a very busy spring....still working on our house. It is coming along, ready for hardwood flooring and then for the cabinets/plumbing, more trim, carpet, doors, closet shelving and so much more. It all takes so much time, but my husband is doing a wonderful job and has dedicated over the last year and a half to get this finished. We can't wait to move in here in a couple months! I've already begun my decorating ideas and have several things stashed away in my closet....actually I've had the kids bedding for well over a year!
Here are some Easter pictures of my family. I made my girls outfits this year and what a job that was! I'm no seamstress, but when I put my mind to something I usually get it done. My Mom helped me out a lot, but I think I can actually make these outfits by myself now! They turned out really cute and the great part is that Ava loved her dress. I covered one of Ethan's ties with some matching fabric for Kale to wear so we were all matching!

Here is our family picture. Dave knew I wanted to take one, but he had to throw a "fit" in front of his brothers at the Easter gathering, just because!
This is my sweet little Emelia Rose. She is 8 months now and is such a little doll baby. Emelia has 2 little teeth on the bottom and is sitting up really well. She is wanting to start to crawl, but doesn't have it all figured out yet. She is always smiling and is such a Momma's Girl! I would say that it bothers me, but it doesn't....I love that she wants me! I'm pretty sure she is out last little baby so I'm going to treasure every little moment with her!
Here is Emelia Rose with her cousins at Easter. Aren't they adorable. Addison and Elaina look so cute in their matching dresses too!
Here's my Ava girl up in a tree sporting her new dress. She really liked her dress. I'll share more pictures later, but the Saturday before Easter was Ava's 6th birthday. She is getting so big and "sassy" too. Ava's kindergarten year is wrapping up and she is getting ready for 1st grade and is going to play baseball this summer.
And here is Kale David! Oh what do you say about Kale! He is definitely one of a kind. He is so very ornery, but so cute and smilely that he gets away with a lot. He is always on the go and getting into stuff. Kale loves to have "little guys" as he calls them in his hands. He is always carrying something around, just like his big brother used to do. He loves to run around the house playing his toy guitar and singing! He's saying all sorts of things now and is now trying to talk in small sentences. Kale still isn't a big eater, but he is somewhat better than he was.
Hope to be back soon with an update on Ava's 6th birthday!