Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Emelia is Here!

Our baby girl, Emelia Rose Weiman, arrived around 5:00 on August 3rd. She is my biggest yet, 10 lb 14 oz and 21 inches long. She has a full head of black hair that I think is going to be curly like Ava's. She looks just like Ava, but with black hair. Ava is my little helper and wants to hold her all of the time. Kale does amazingly well with her, but you can't leave the room because you never know what Kale is going to try to do to her, he likes to help, but sometimes will put a burp rag on her face or toss her a bottle!

The sleepless nights have begun, but I'm honestly a lot more comfortable now than I was for the last 2 months and I wasn't getting any sleep then. She goes to bed around 10:00 or so and then has been getting up around 1 to 1:30 and then at 4:30 or 5:00. Hopefully she will follow the trend of the other 3 and sleep through the night by 6 weeks. I'm off work until the end of October so we should hopefully have some sort of a schedule by then.

Right now we are extremely busy getting ready for Ethan's Rodeo which is this coming weekend, August 19th and 20th. If you don't live near here and would like to help, you can donate a ticket through our website, We are hoping for great weather this year.

Stamping and scrapbooking seem to just be things I talk about right now, but eventually I will get back into both of them. I have Emelia's announcements designed and I think I got a picture of her today that I'm going to use. One thing at a time though. Ava starts kindergarten on Wednesday so we are gearing up for that too and she is sooo excited.

The house is coming along, slowly, but surely. We have someone hired to build our garage so even though Dave hasn't had a lot time to work on the house lately we have gotten a few things finished on it. On top of everything else, my Dad had surgery to remove his kidney because he had a malignent tumor on it. We came home from the hospital on the same day! Life has to get calmer right!

Hope to be back soon with more pics and some stamping!