Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back for a quick update!

So I thought I could manage updated once a week.....guess I was wrong about that! These past couple weeks have been nuts! Last week was full of doctor visits and actually one night stay with Kale at the hospital for croup. It wasn't a fun week to say the least. We made it through though and had a pretty good weekend. We got together with some friends on Saturday at the winery that is just down the road and today I got to go on a local house tour and get some finishing ideas for our house! We are getting closer, but not nearly as quick as I would like!

Here are some random pictures from us playing at the park last Saturday and some updated pictures of our house! I need to update our house blog too and it is on my list of things to get done! I still haven't finished the baby announcements yet, but I'm determined that I will get that accomplished this week!

Happy 35th Birthday to me! My husband wasn't being very cooperative when we were trying to take pictures!

Getting a picture of all 3 kiddos is almost impossible, but it still turned out cute!

Ava girl riding her bike!

Kale with his goofy grin!

Kale giving Daddy a kiss!

Daddy "trying" to show Ava how to do the monkey bars!

Ava and her baby sister!

Ava has almost mastered the monkey bars!

Here's a picture of our houses from the road to the winery.

Another picture of our current house, the new house and our barn.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm still Alive......Just BUSY!!!

Life has been SOOO busy! We had Emelia on August 3rd, my Dad and I came home on August 5th from the hospital, August 19th and 20th was Ethan's Rodeo, and the house construction continued through all of this too! Now we are finally back to "just" house construction, Ava in kindergarten and gymnastics, and just our everyday life with a newborn and a 22 month old to chase every day!This is Emelia's Baby Announcement that are in "production" right now. Time is just hard to come by right now. I'm actually typing this with a pile of clothes that need to be folded by my side, Emelia asleep....due to wake up anytime, and the other 2 are fast asleep in their beds. I just love this picture of my little lady! I like to call her my "little chicky!" We call Ava Chicky so I thought it was only appropriate.This is the card that my Mom made for Emelia for her baptism which was today. Isn't this card sweet. Emelia was really fussy so I couldn't put her down to take a pic so I just took one on my did the trick. This is the inside of the card.

The proud parents! Emelia is wearing the same Christening gown that I wore, my brother Richard wore (my other brother was too big), Ethan, Ava, and Kale wore this too and my Godson Dax got to wear it earlier this year as well. She is wearing a locket with her initial "E" on it from my Mom. Ava has one too from her baptism.
Here are some shots from the rodeo. This is Dave's Goddaughter Caroline and Ava...aren't they just too cute!

Ava girl and her girlfriends, Sophia and Andrea at the rodeo! Ava LOVED the snowcones!

Emelia was just 2 weeks old, but she sported a Rodeo onsie and cowgirl boots!

And my SWEET yet very onery boy, Kale. He is just SOOO busy! He loves to wear his hat and boots!

I'm going to try and start something new on here, I've been bad about updating so I'm going to join my blogging friend, Sylvia, and used My Time Tuesdays to update my blog and hopefully to get a little scrapbooking/cardmaking in. I might have to switch days when I go back to work, but that is my plan. Thanks for stopping by....see you next week!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Emelia is Here!

Our baby girl, Emelia Rose Weiman, arrived around 5:00 on August 3rd. She is my biggest yet, 10 lb 14 oz and 21 inches long. She has a full head of black hair that I think is going to be curly like Ava's. She looks just like Ava, but with black hair. Ava is my little helper and wants to hold her all of the time. Kale does amazingly well with her, but you can't leave the room because you never know what Kale is going to try to do to her, he likes to help, but sometimes will put a burp rag on her face or toss her a bottle!

The sleepless nights have begun, but I'm honestly a lot more comfortable now than I was for the last 2 months and I wasn't getting any sleep then. She goes to bed around 10:00 or so and then has been getting up around 1 to 1:30 and then at 4:30 or 5:00. Hopefully she will follow the trend of the other 3 and sleep through the night by 6 weeks. I'm off work until the end of October so we should hopefully have some sort of a schedule by then.

Right now we are extremely busy getting ready for Ethan's Rodeo which is this coming weekend, August 19th and 20th. If you don't live near here and would like to help, you can donate a ticket through our website, We are hoping for great weather this year.

Stamping and scrapbooking seem to just be things I talk about right now, but eventually I will get back into both of them. I have Emelia's announcements designed and I think I got a picture of her today that I'm going to use. One thing at a time though. Ava starts kindergarten on Wednesday so we are gearing up for that too and she is sooo excited.

The house is coming along, slowly, but surely. We have someone hired to build our garage so even though Dave hasn't had a lot time to work on the house lately we have gotten a few things finished on it. On top of everything else, my Dad had surgery to remove his kidney because he had a malignent tumor on it. We came home from the hospital on the same day! Life has to get calmer right!

Hope to be back soon with more pics and some stamping!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Sweet Kiddos!

I know, I know.....I haven't posted in over 2 months! Yikes.....where did the last 2 months go? I'm not complaining though because I am sooo ready to have this baby!! My husband's cousins took these pictures of my kiddos and I just had to share, I LOVE them! Aren't they just precious!

So what have I been doing that I haven't been blogging? I'm now 8 months pregnant and feel (and look) like I could "POP" anytime! I've been busy....don't worry! I'm still doing some stamping, but have taken a well needed break. I have my pictures almost all organized and put into the scrapbooks just ready for me to scrapbook them. I wanted to get this accomplished before Baby Emelia got here and I think I might actually get it finished, unless she decides to come early!

I have her baby announcement designed with some help from my Mom. I even got the chance to get together with a new friend to scrapbook last week and we had a lot of fun so we are getting together next week again! I've also been busy at work and have been working more than my usual 2 day work week.

The house is coming along too. The house is almost all closed in and only has the windows in the basement and our front and side door to go! The weather hasn't been very cooperative to get a ton done and we got hit Sunday night with a terrible storm. We didn't have much damage, but our friends and neighbors did so Dave has been using his toy, his JLG, to assist in the cleanup. We didn't have power from Sunday night through noon on Tuesday! That was fun!

Maybe I won't be too long between posts this time. I have stamp club next Wed so I will try to share my creation with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ava is 5!

Ava turned 5 on April 7th and had a few friends to a pool party at a local hotel. It was an owl theme if you can't tell by the cake. The cake is made from rice crispy treats and then covered with frosting, oreo cookies, and mini m&m's for the eyes.Ava got a "Happy Birthday" banner too! It was hard to get a good picture with all the sunlight coming in through the window!The hotel let us have their breakfast area for the evening and it worked out perfectly for all of our family and friends.Here are my first attempt at Owl Pops! They were a lot of fun (and work) to make, but they turned out so cute and are very yummy! Here's Ava, Mommy, and Kale swimming before the party began. Kale was stuck to me and didn't let go nearly the entire time. Ava loves to swim and had a ball with all of her friends!

Here's Kale playing on the luggage cart!
Ava got so many nice gifts and has her spring and summer wardrobe taken care of!
Here's Ava and two of her friends listening as she reads her birthday card!'s the whole gang! It was a great party and Ava even thanked me the next day! She did tell me on our walk Sunday that she felt older!

Ava's 5 year highlights!
Loves to write her letters and numbers

Knows her alphabet, upper and lower and can count well past 100

Loves to do math, can add in her head and likes to do addition problems

Can read simple books

Still loves to play with her dolls

Has learned how to blow bubbles with bubble gum

Can snap her fingers

Ties her shoes

Wears size 6 clothes and size 12 to 13 shoes

Good eater

Sleeps well in her bed

Likes going to pre-school 3 days a week

We still call her Chicky and Ava Girl

Her favorite color is pink

Loves flip flops, lipgloss, and doing her own hair

Has a sassy attitude, but can be sweet as can be!

Loves to make cards with Mommy

Very creative and getting into drawing

Loves playing with her brother, Kale and even fights with him

We are so glad that we got to celebrate Ava's birthday as we lost our Ethan right before he turned 5! It is such a joy to watch our kids grow up! This fall she will start kindergarten and is very excited!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Fun!

Kale loves to yell for Dada and this is what he was doing over the weekend when we were playing outside! Dave yells back at him from the "new house" and Kale thinks that is sooo funny!
Ava was having fun on her skooter and decided that she should try on Daddy's boots! You just never know what outfit Ava is going to have on!

Here's my sweet Kale just smiling in his car seat!

Ava's big highlight of March is that she learned how to blow bubbles! We go through a lot of bubble gum at our house!

Here is Kale this morning before I left for work drinking his bottle and wearing his shades! The kid's Easter outfits arrived today. I LOVE them and Ava loves her new shoes. I can't believe they sat still long enough for a picture. I am now on the hunt for a dress for our new little one....that's right, we are having a little GIRL! Amelia Rose should be here to meet us around the beginning of August and we can't wait. Ava is on cloud 9 knowing that she is going to have a little sister!

Check out Ava's shoes! She wants to know if Daddy and I are going to wear orange!

My Sweet Girl posing for her Mama!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I wanted to finally share a few cards with you. This one is what we made at stamp club last night. I was inspired by Laurie Schmidlin's card here. It was a fun card to make and a little more vintage than I usually do. We used SU's music wheel too so that was fun! This is Ava's 5th Birthday invitation. I LOVE how this turned out and Ava does too. She is getting to have a swimming party with some of her little friends. I used SU's new Punch Fun stamp set with the owl punch. It's just a fun cheery card, perfect for her birthday!

We got to spend the morning with my nephew taking his 1 month pictures. It's hard to believe that he is 1 month old already! It is almost 70 here today and we are loving it. We aren't outside yet, but will be later on....hopefully if it doesn't start storming. Kale is napping and then Ava has gymnastics. The horses seem to be enjoying the nice weather too. Have a great day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Check Out These Look Alikes!

Kale is 16 months here in the same size "3T" shirt and Ethan is 20 months! Ava had just been born in April of 2007 and Kale will be 21 months when our new baby is born this August!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March is Here!

Here is what our house looked like this morning from the kitchen window of our current house. You can now start to see the beginnings of our second floor! So glad that spring is almost here! Here is Kale David with his new "wee squeek shoes". They drive Dave nuts because they squeak everytime he takes a step. You can take the squeaker out, but it is much more fun this way!

This is a picture of my little nephew's "crazy" hair. He is such a doll and has hair like you wouldn't believe and it is soooo blond. I just finished up the announcements for him today! Of course I didn't get a picture, but I will share soon!

Here is my cowgirl being goofy! Kale had been running around with her hat on so she decided it was time for me to take her picture!

And here is Ava giving her brother a kiss before she hops on the bus for preschool! They can be so sweet to each other at times!
Now I'm off to work on Ava's birthday invitations while Kale is napping! I have a "TON" of laundry to fold, but it will always does! Hope everyone has a good weekend!