Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Fun!

Kale loves to yell for Dada and this is what he was doing over the weekend when we were playing outside! Dave yells back at him from the "new house" and Kale thinks that is sooo funny!
Ava was having fun on her skooter and decided that she should try on Daddy's boots! You just never know what outfit Ava is going to have on!

Here's my sweet Kale just smiling in his car seat!

Ava's big highlight of March is that she learned how to blow bubbles! We go through a lot of bubble gum at our house!

Here is Kale this morning before I left for work drinking his bottle and wearing his shades! The kid's Easter outfits arrived today. I LOVE them and Ava loves her new shoes. I can't believe they sat still long enough for a picture. I am now on the hunt for a dress for our new little one....that's right, we are having a little GIRL! Amelia Rose should be here to meet us around the beginning of August and we can't wait. Ava is on cloud 9 knowing that she is going to have a little sister!

Check out Ava's shoes! She wants to know if Daddy and I are going to wear orange!

My Sweet Girl posing for her Mama!


Lynn said...

Oh my goodness...their smiles are so sweet...love Kale's sweet cheeks...and their outfits are adorable!

So happy to hear about Amelia! Hope you are feeling well..hopefully it will be a cool summer for you! Collin is my August baby :)

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

They are adorable and they look so much alike. I think there eyes and cheeks are just alike. Congrats on the news about a baby girl, how exciting!

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