Monday, September 9, 2013

Emelia Rose is 2!

My how time flies! Our darling little Emelia Rose is 2 already. Where has the time gone?  She is solo sweet and funny and did I mention adorable too! Her signature pigtails just add to her cute little personality.

One of my favorite things she does now is every night at bedtime I put her in her bed and she says in her sweet little voice,"Sweep in my window!" She loves for us to lay in her window seat while she is getting to sleep! Now if we could only get her to stay asleep in her bed all night!

These are her two year highlights!

Favorite foods: only have found a couple she doesn't like, cantelope and chicken. Otherwise she eats everything on her plate and yours too!

Loves to carry around a purse

Wears her pigtails with her bows!

Loves to do things "myself!"

Still likes to have a bottle at night night time.

Gives the best hugs and kisses!

Loves her little kitten Dakota and carries her around all of the time! She likes to smoosh her in the back of her trike!

Likes to be read to.

Loves to play peek a boo!

Very agile and climbs on and up everything!

She loves idea where she got that trait!

Says almost anything in the sweetest little baby voice!

Says "wuv you!"

Loves to keep up with "Aba and "Kale".