Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back for a quick update!

So I thought I could manage updated once a week.....guess I was wrong about that! These past couple weeks have been nuts! Last week was full of doctor visits and actually one night stay with Kale at the hospital for croup. It wasn't a fun week to say the least. We made it through though and had a pretty good weekend. We got together with some friends on Saturday at the winery that is just down the road and today I got to go on a local house tour and get some finishing ideas for our house! We are getting closer, but not nearly as quick as I would like!

Here are some random pictures from us playing at the park last Saturday and some updated pictures of our house! I need to update our house blog too and it is on my list of things to get done! I still haven't finished the baby announcements yet, but I'm determined that I will get that accomplished this week!

Happy 35th Birthday to me! My husband wasn't being very cooperative when we were trying to take pictures!

Getting a picture of all 3 kiddos is almost impossible, but it still turned out cute!

Ava girl riding her bike!

Kale with his goofy grin!

Kale giving Daddy a kiss!

Daddy "trying" to show Ava how to do the monkey bars!

Ava and her baby sister!

Ava has almost mastered the monkey bars!

Here's a picture of our houses from the road to the winery.

Another picture of our current house, the new house and our barn.