Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Etsy Shop

I finally have started my Etsy shop for my invitations, birth announcments, wedding invitations, cards for any occasion, you name it and I can make it!  I have one item listed, but more to come (having trouble getting Etsy to upload my photos!)  We are all settled in to our new home.  There is still some unpacking to do, but I'm having a garage sale this week so I'm hoping to get rid of some items I don't need and clear out some room from the big move! 

Kids are all well, Emelia is into everything and is such a funny happy little girl.

Kale is gearing up for his 3rd birthday and wants a new tool bench and a motorcycle.  The motorcyle is a toy one from Hobby Lobby that I wouldn't let him get one day when he was being bad!  The kid doesn't forget a thing.  He wants a tool bench birthday party, but this changes daily from a Percy party to a gator party (John Deere Gator) or a monster party, so we will see what he actually decides on.  I remember my other little guy that couldn't decide so Ethan's 3rd birthday party was a train with Lightning McQueen, Sponge Bob, and Curious George!  It worked! 

My little Miss Ava Girl is getting so big and grown up looking. She is loving 1st Grade and really likes to read chapter books.  She loves getting Super Speller on her spelling tests and still enjoys making crafts with Mommy. 

As for me, I'm busy like all Mommas are.  Just finished up working a ton of overtime at work so am looking forward to some down time this fall and hoping for a lot more crafting time!

 Hope to be back soon with more of my Etsy Shop cards.