Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm still Alive......Just BUSY!!!

Life has been SOOO busy! We had Emelia on August 3rd, my Dad and I came home on August 5th from the hospital, August 19th and 20th was Ethan's Rodeo, and the house construction continued through all of this too! Now we are finally back to "just" house construction, Ava in kindergarten and gymnastics, and just our everyday life with a newborn and a 22 month old to chase every day!This is Emelia's Baby Announcement that are in "production" right now. Time is just hard to come by right now. I'm actually typing this with a pile of clothes that need to be folded by my side, Emelia asleep....due to wake up anytime, and the other 2 are fast asleep in their beds. I just love this picture of my little lady! I like to call her my "little chicky!" We call Ava Chicky so I thought it was only appropriate.This is the card that my Mom made for Emelia for her baptism which was today. Isn't this card sweet. Emelia was really fussy so I couldn't put her down to take a pic so I just took one on my did the trick. This is the inside of the card.

The proud parents! Emelia is wearing the same Christening gown that I wore, my brother Richard wore (my other brother was too big), Ethan, Ava, and Kale wore this too and my Godson Dax got to wear it earlier this year as well. She is wearing a locket with her initial "E" on it from my Mom. Ava has one too from her baptism.
Here are some shots from the rodeo. This is Dave's Goddaughter Caroline and Ava...aren't they just too cute!

Ava girl and her girlfriends, Sophia and Andrea at the rodeo! Ava LOVED the snowcones!

Emelia was just 2 weeks old, but she sported a Rodeo onsie and cowgirl boots!

And my SWEET yet very onery boy, Kale. He is just SOOO busy! He loves to wear his hat and boots!

I'm going to try and start something new on here, I've been bad about updating so I'm going to join my blogging friend, Sylvia, and used My Time Tuesdays to update my blog and hopefully to get a little scrapbooking/cardmaking in. I might have to switch days when I go back to work, but that is my plan. Thanks for stopping by....see you next week!