Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Color Challenge

So it's in the wee hours of the morning here in the midwest, but I couldn't sleep and I hadn't made my card for today so I thought I would give it a whirl! This isn't my favorite color combo in the world so that was my first challenge of the morning, then what stamp set to use?? I just got this cute little princess set from SU last month and it was still unassembled in the box. I got it to use for my daughter's 2nd birthday party scrapbook. I added a lot of sparkle and bling. We have a couple of little girls birthday parties coming up so this will be perfect for that. I love the little wand with the star and I like what the rhinestones add for the tierra. Be sure to stop by and see what all the other gals created too! Lauren Dana Dawn Jennifer Kendra MacKenzieMaria Odette Tamara Tracey Kristin , Pam (Kristin & Pam...sorry, I just noticed that I didn't have you 2 on my list of blogs....I didn't mean to forget you!)

I may have came up with something different had I started earlier, but that is just how life goes. Last night we had a nice dinner with my husband's brother and his girlfriend. Ava girl was wound tight and provided endless entertainment through the evening.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend in store. I think my husband might be working on our barn trim today......that will be great to have that project finished. So that leaves Ava and I to find something fun to do. I have tomatoes now, more than I can eat, but not really enough to justify the canning mess so we might try to figure out something to do with our tomato stash.....homemade salsa sounds yummy to me!

Yesterday we met finally with a monument company to pick out something for Ethan. I tell you what, I think this lady had a pretty fun job as far as being able to use your photography/graphic art skills, but I just don't know if I could have a job where I was surrounded by headstones all day long. I think it is really going to look neat when we have it finalized. It's so hard trying to decide what pictures to use.....I have sooo many. I think what we have picked out Ethan would really like. To make it very personable, we are having a vase made that will be a replica of Ethan's boots. They will be made out of granite and should look just like his little boots that he always wore and was so proud of. Won't that be such a cool addition to his headstone. Of course the back is going to be a scrapbook type collage of pictures of Ethan. It will turn out just perfect I'm sure. We wanted something in place before winter sets in here so I think the timing will work out well. It's definitely never something you want to have to go through, but I think we keep trying to make these little steps one thing at a time and it does help.


Stampin' Pam said...

SUper cute Alicia - love the layout and the use of colors was well done (even if they weren't your faves!)

Wonderful card.

Kristin Bueter said...


I LOVE your card! Waiting to make your card last night totally worked for you. Your card is clean and simple, and a perfect birthday card for a little princess :) I wouldn't change anything. Your layout is so unique! I get in a rut with changing up the layouts for some reason. Oh, and I saw that set in the SU! catalog, and couldn't think of anything I would use it for, but scrapbooking Tia's sweet little girl moments is a great idea and so is having it on hand for little girl birthday cards. I might need to invest.

Thanks for sharing the details about Ethan's headstone and the vase you're having made. I think the replica of Ethan's boots is such a wonderful tribute to him. I didn't know they made things like that, but I'm glad to hear they do. How befitting for your little cowboy. I'm sure the collage of pictures you selected are perfect. All of your pictures are wonderful, but I can imagine how hard it was choosing considering how many you have to go through.

Hope you and Ava find something fun to do today :) I think we're painting our kitchen (finally).

Take care, friend.


Tamara said...

Gorgeous card. I am glad you got to play along.

I am sure the monument you picked out for Ethan will be perfect. It must be difficult, but thank you for sharing your process with us. I think a vase of Ethan's boots will be perfect.

Tracey Cuccia said...

Alicia -- I think this came out adorable -- I've been eyeing that set too -- with 2 little girls, I know that it will come in handy!

{{{HUGS}}} to you, I know having to pick out all the photos and such is a tough job, but I'm sure it will all be beautifully done. You are in my thoughts nearly every day.

Dana Gustafson said...

I love your girly girl princess card. Having two little princesses of my own, I can identify!

Thank you for sharing your plans with us. I am all choked up at the thought of the replica of his boots...there couldn't have been a more fitting choice. Hugs to you all.

Lauren (mytime) said...

This is so pretty! Love the BLING!
I can't imagine all you have had to endure Alicia with all the details after losing Ethan, but it sounds like you made a great choice.Hugs and prayers always