Friday, August 7, 2009

Keeping Life Simple!

Just a snapshot before the fair!

We made it through Ethan's was a rough day, but we managed. Ava let go of some balloons and said "Happy Birthday Ethan, I love you" with each one. Then we watched some home videos. I'm sure Ethan had a super day up in's just here on earth where we are sad.

Tuesday this week we took Ava girl to the county fair. We met up with some friends there and they all had a ball. Ava had her pigtails in again and I must say she looked pretty darn cute! She ate and ate the entire time.....snowcone, chicken strips, ice cream, more snowone and then it was time for bed. She didn't take a nap and lasted until 9:00 without a nap and without being crabby. Go Ava! I think she had a very fun day!

I was talking to my friend at the fair and we were talking about life getting busy and I made the comment that after what we've been through I just like to "Keep life simple"! That day all I had done was go to Wal-Mart and Kohls to take a couple things back, put a load of laundry in, fed our cats, and Ava of course....and that was it. It's not a lot, but sometimes just keeping things simple makes life so much more enjoyable. We do things on a whim now more than we ever used to. This weekend we were planning to get away for the day and do some shopping, even though my husband hates to shop. Yesterday we changed our plans and we are heading south to a rodeo. We really enjoy going to rodeos and we just decided, What the heck....let's go! It should be fun.

Ava's 2nd blue snowcone

I'm working on my "inspriration challenge" for tomorrow. I'm making a frame to replace the one that Ava had in her room with her newborn picture. I'll work on it today at naptime.....I really need to do laundry. I've been saying that the laundry needs to be done all week and it still just sits there! I also finished up a scrapbook yesterday for someone and I think that will be my last scrapbook that I do for someone other than myself. I felt guilty the entire time because I'm sooo far behind on my own books. You'll probably be seeing a lot more scrapbooking on here.

Sleepy Girl!

Hope all of you have a great weekend. I'll post my frame for the inspiration later tonight!


MEL said...

AWWW how sweet! She always looks so happy. It's obvious by the smile on her face that she is loved so much and has a wonderful life!

Anonymous said...

Ava is just too precious cute. I love her little round face and her blond hair. She has to be the apple of daddy's eye. You do a great job with pictures. And I am so happy for you that you made it through Ethan's birthday. Good for you. It had to be hard but you did. Not easy. You are one strong lady. Sandy MD

Tasha Hickert said...

I have been awed by your ability to post through such a difficult time in your life. You are an inspiration to many. And that Ava is so sweet, you are generous to share your beautiful children.

If you get a chance, stop by my blog because I have an award for you.

Kristin Bueter said...

Oh Alicia. Ava is too darn cute :O) Especially with those pigtails and the blue, snowcone lips! LOL Glad she hung in there the day of the fair! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

I think you are so right about keeping life simple and doing things on a whim. We should all take that little piece of advice and run with it. Hope you had a wonderful time at the rodeo! Laundry can wait as long as you stil have clean stuff to wear :O) Hee hee.