Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Crafty Mom

So I really didn't become crafty all by myself, I think it was in my genes! My Mom makes more crafty stuff than me, but she doesn't have a blog and I'll put this as nice as I can, she is "computer challenged"! (You would agree, wouldn't you Mom??) Thought I would share a couple projects that she has completed in the past few weeks. The first is a frame she made for a friend and the second is a horse card thank you. Hope you enjoy.
My Mom made this card to send as a thank you, isn't it cool! I love anything to do with horses....thanks to my Ethan.

Here's my Mom's frame for her friend. It's a very inexpensive gift, but turned out really nice!

Here's the card my Mom made to go along with her frame. I think she actually made it in red and green too!

I've been busy starting back to work this week part time and working on some PTI submissions for the Guest Star Stamper contest. I can't wait to show you the cards I made. I have a new color combo that I just love. I'll share those tomorrow. Then it will be time on Saturday for Lauren's color challenge. Hope all of you are having a great week. Tomorrow night is the new PTI release....can't miss that! It looks like they have a lot of cute new sets coming out. I've been working on baby announcements too.....I'm sure I'll tweek it a million times between now and when I have my final one made. It's probably no surprise, but it is going to be a cowboy theme!

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Kristin Bueter said...

Oh my...I definitely see where you get your creative genes from :O) Tell your mother both cards and the frame are simply GORGEOUS!! I love how she added the half-doiley and the crocheted flower to the card with the teapot. So pretty :O) I also love the card with the horses and the way she stamped them to emulate running. How clever!

The frame? Well, between using my favorite, deep red, layering it on the green and the stark white, and adding the monogram to the teapot...what's not to love? It's stunning. I'm sure her friend will adore it :O)

Hope work is going well for you! Glad to hear you are creating projects for the guest star stamper submission. I always love what you come up with!