Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My boy and School!

Today my little Ethan would have been starting kindergarten! Ethan loved school and was so excited about starting kindergarten. I think I was just as excited as he was. He loved everything about school, getting ready in the morning, riding the bus, playing, listening to stories, crafts, snack time....you name it Ethan had a great time. I'm so glad he got to go to preschool last year and experience everything.

Here's Ethan riding around on one of the trikes that they had during gym time. He loved to just ride around in circles! Ethan loved to ride on his bike and that was one thing that never ever seemed to bother his legs so he thoroughly enjoyed it. Look at how much fun he is having!Ethan loved the building blocks too. I was a big fan as well so I always helped the kids build things. We had these same blocks at home, but doing things at school is always so much more fun! Ethan was always so proud of the things he did at school!

Notice Ethan's paper hat. They had made these during a day that Ethan was at the hospital so he got to wear his this day. He's playing with legos.....oh my how this kid loved legos. I was usually sitting right next to him building something. He loved to build things with wheels and he could spend hours just playing with his lego sets at home too. The teacher kept the legos out for a long time, I think because Ethan had so much fun playing with then. She knew our situation too so if Ethan wanted to do something, then more than likely he got to do it! He was a special kid to everyone!

Ethan loved to play with the cars and tractors and I played with the kids a lot and we built roadways out of building blocks. The kids loved this. Here is Ethan running his car down one of the roads.

School was celebrating birthdays in the summer this past May and Ethan got to celebrate his August birthday. He was very excited and he called up Grandma on the way to the hospital and asked her if she would make him a cowboy/horse cake for school. He loved it. It was his favorite too, chocolate!Ethan loved to swing and was always excited to go outside and play!

I love this picture of Ethan. It captures his wonderful smile. He was painting and was having a ball. Ethan loved to paint. Arts and crafts was one of his favorite things to do. After naps we would always have some sort of craft and sometimes he got to do something special if Ava girl was still asleep!
I could go on and on and put picture after picture on here. Ethan would have had so much fun in kindergarten. He was so smart and loving that I'm sure his teacher would have instantly fell in love with his personality. Here's to you Ethan......hope you are having a great day up in heaven starting kindergarten!


Lynn said...

What an absolutely wonderful post for Ethan. I love the pure joy on his face when he is painting.


Beth said...

Thinking of you and your family on this difficult day. I pray that God will comfort each of you. What an awesome teacher he has up in heaven.
God Bless

Wendi said...

Wow, what a powerful post you shared today. I am so glad I stopped by. As I was reading my eyes were filled with tears for you. You are amazing and I'm sure a true blessing to your family and friends. Thanks for being so open and sharing all you are going through. God's B;essings to you today!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Beautiful. Please know that your posts are such a blessing to me. Praying for you today!

Anki said...

Love all the wonderful pics of your cute little Ethan. I am sure that he is going to have a wonderful kindergarten up in heaven with the best teachers. Thinking of you! Kram - Anki

Terri E. said...

I was praying for you this morning and then got on and surfed some blogs. I came across this site and had to come and share with you.


It's a good life!
Terri E.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Alicia. I know this must have been very difficult for you to share, but you did it. What a tremendous way of healing. Sandy in MD

mamia said...

My youngest starts kindergarten next week, I read your wonderful post and went immediately and hugged her(maybe a little too tightly). I love how you honor his memory and I am so glad you share it, I know for me it makes me a better mom. I pray for you often.

MacKenzie said...

Great pics Alicia. I'm so glad Ethan got to experience pre-school. It looks like he made lots of wonderful memories there. And that horse cake? Are you kidding me? Awesome! Do you think your mom will make MY birthday cake?!

Jen Tapler said...

Wonderful, Wonderful post Alicia. I don't know what else to say. Big big {{hugs}}

Maria Levine said...

This is a beautiful post Alicia! Amazing pictures full of memories. Big hugs to you!

Lauren (mytime) said...

OK I have to be honest. I didn't read more than the first sentence. I just looked at the photos and that was enough to do me in.

I think all these things will forever be so hard. I truly pray God helps you through each rough patch. I also pray for you all each day. Your family has touched my life in ways words cannot even express. Im blessed to have come to know you and call you my friend

Kristin Bueter said...

Oh Alicia. You are such a great mom :) Thank you for sharing all of Ethan's pictures, I love seeing how happy he was. Funny how he was a builder and a creative kid...reminds me of someone I know ;) I'm sure he is teaching other angels up in heaven...from what I recall reading, he was a smart little guy! And like Beth said...what an awesome teacher he has in his new home.

God bless you, Dave, Ava, and Kale. Thinking and praying for you all.


Renee V. said...

What a heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing your pictures and memories with us.
I think of you and your family all the time.
Love, Renee