Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Pictures to Share!

Isn't this pretty. I took this picture of our barn yesterday afternoon. I guess all of the horses must be hanging out in the back.
Here's Ava girl right befroe she left for sled riding with her Daddy. She had so much fun and slept like a little baby last night!

Ava had to take part in posing for pictures this morning too! She is getting so big! She'll be 4 in about 2 months so she can't wait!

And here is the "Birthday Boy!" Kale is 3 months old! Isn't he just a doll!!! He smiles and laughs all of the time and the best part is that he is sleeping through the night! Yep.....he goes to bed around 9:30 and doesn't get up until around 7:00. Oh I love being able to sleep all night!!! I have lots of crafting stuff to share, but that will have to wait until's another busy week here!

3 comments: said...

awesome photos, Kale is getting so big already and Ava is adorable as always!

Anki said...

Wonderful pics and it's starting to look like Sweden now ;-) We have tons of snow this year - so we have our own little Alps here on our front yard. Cute little kids as well - and what a sweet little boy - letting his Mom get her sleep ;-) Wishing you a wonderful week! Kram - Anki

Lisa Kind said...

I love these family pictures, Alicia! The kids look so happy and that picture of the barn in the snow is beautiful!