Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remembering to Remember

It's time for Lauren's template challenge and what a challenge it was for me, (especially if you don't follow all of the directions the first time)! I had a template all finished and I was so proud that I had completed it well before I needed to only to find out that I didn't use the right colors....oh well, I just decided to make another. I used the Pack a Picnic template from PTI designed by Lauren. This is my "new" favorite template. I just love it. Be sure to check out the other team members blogs to see their creations and you can share yours on Pam's blog using "Mr. Linky".

My basket has very special meaning to me. I've been wanting to give my old necklace to my friend for quite a while now, but just didn't quite know how to do it. It's probably been a year or so ago now and Ethan would talk all of the time how he wanted to marry his friend Annabelle. He would even call Annabelle's daddy and tell him, it was too cute. One day though I don't know how it came up, but he was talking about the actual wedding and he was telling me how there was going to be a ring bearer and flower girl and then that Kevin, Annabelle's Daddy was going to walk up the isle and Kevin was going to carry up my necklace and give it to Annabelle. Well, now all of this is just a dream, but to make Ethan's wish come true, I gave the necklace to my friend yesterday. Of course we shed some tears, but now I know that the necklace that meant so much to me for so very long that it is going to go to someone very special someday, Ethan's best friend!

The necklace says it all...."BELIEVE IN MIRACLES". I truly believe Ethan was our MIRACLE and now he is up in heaven with GOD looking down on all of us. What a great boy he was and still is to us.

Hope you enjoy the template that I came up with for my very special turned out just perfectly. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. We are taking Ava girl to the circus tonight. Last time the circus was in town my husband took Ethan back in 2007, just one month shy of us finding out he had cancer. It will be bittersweet to take her tonight, but I'm sure she will love it. I'll be back later in the weekend to share pictures of my other template and of our trip to the circus!


Anki said...

What a lovely gift. She will treasure it and Ethan will always be close to her heart - just beautiful. Hope you will have fun with Ava at the circus. Kram - Anki

Odette said...

So beautiful Alicia!
That template is one of my favs too :). I hope you all have fun at the circus tonight.

Tamara said...


What an emotional and thoughtful gift for you to give to Ethan's best friend. I know she will cherish this when she gets older.

Your packaging is really adorable, and just adds to the specialness of the gift.

Dana Gustafson said...

Wow Alicia, this is truly a labor of love and thoughtfulness. FIrst of all, your story is yet another in a long line of beautiful stories starring your Ethan. THank you for sharing it with us. Your handmade basket is the perfect thing to hold such a special treasure.

Stampin' Pam said...

Alicia this is beyond words beautiful. Your post brought tears to my eyes - what an incredibly thoughtful gift and what an awesome way to package it up. Was this the mini picnic basket? It is FAB! Thanks for sharing so much of your soul with all of us.

Maria Levine said...

What a wonderful beautiful gift! I'm sure it will be treasured forever. Your pack a picnic came out fabulous.

Andrea M said...

What a touching gift! The story behind the gift is even more wonderful :) I'm sure she will treasure it. The template you made it just beautiful! Gotta love Lauren's templates.

Kristin Bueter said...


What a special, thoughtful gift. I'm sure Ethan is smiling down on you today :]

Your project is amazing! I can't believe you whipped that up in the short time you had! Your colors are perfect together, and I love the label on the front. Such an elegant package to give such a meaningful gift. I would have been sobbing with you if I were there.

Hope you enjoy the circus tonight with Ava...even though it will be bittersweet.

Take care, friend.

MacKenzie said...

What a wonderful story Alicia. I'm sure you made Ethan very happy.

Lisa Stone said...


I just happened upon your blog via Lisa Leonard's and I want to tell you that you are in my prayers. Your loss is indescribable, yet you seem to have great poise and a truly special soul.

Please keep forging through with the trust you obviously have that things will get easier.

It is so touching to me that a piece of jewelry can have such a deep and soulful meaning. That is the reason for my being a jewelry designer as well.

Nick and Amanda said...

That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read! He truly was your miracle!!!
God Bless you all!!!