Monday, July 20, 2009

More Lilly Rose

Some of you might be getting sick of seeing Lilly Rose, but there is one little girl around here that never gets sick of seeing her. Every day she totes around her little kitty like it is some baby doll. She even drives her around in Ethan's motorized truck!

I haven't stamped in a couple days....just stuff going on with the family. I do have a baby bed up for our new little boy. It's very hard transitioning a room from your son that passed away for a new baby. I said to my husband that it is hard because you are so sad about the child you lost and so happy about the new baby to come! Ethan would be so proud knowing that we are using the same cowboy themed bedroom. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way. They were going to share a room and that would have made him so happy too!

Tomorrow we are heading to pick up a new puppy for my mom. It is a westie puppy that they are naming Daisy. That will keep us busy all day. Today we got to see a friend's new little baby boy. We sure had fun holding him. He's a cutie. Hopefully our little boy and him will be good friends someday. We have a name for our little one, Kale David. We just can't wait for him to get here!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'll hopefully be back stamping by Wed! Until then.....


Kristin Bueter said...

Kale David. What a WONDERFUL, unique name, Alicia! I love it! I was wondering if you had selected a name but figured you would tell us in good time :)

Oh, and I for one don't mind seeing Lilly Rose at all! Especially with a happy little Ava toting her around :O) I can't wait to see her driving "Miss Lilly Rose" in Ethan's motorized truck! LOL You should make her a little purse to carry her in :] I'm laughing just thinking about her stuffing her inside. Ha ha

Hope you're having a good week. I also look forward to seeing how you transition Ethan's room for Kale. I'm sure Ethan is looking down on his beloved family and is smiling ear to ear :)

Beth said...

Cute kitten - as well as Ava is adorable!
Thinking of you - during this transformation of the rooms!
Great job on the cards by the way!