Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cute as a "Cupcake"

My little Ava girl needed some new fall clothes....she is growing so much. Lately the weather here has been so unseasonably cool....70's. We are usually in the upper 90's this time of year with very high humidty. We have been gobbling up this wonderful weather....notice how little I've been inside to stamp! Ireally am heading to my stamp room after I get Ava down for her nap!

I snapped a picture of Ava this morning in one of her new outfits. I'm a little biased, but I think she is so cute in this outfit. I rarely put her in pigtails even though I think they are adorable. Last time I had her in pigtails I took her picture with's one of my favorites!

No Ethan doesn't have pigtails, but this picture is definitely so cute! This picture was taken in January....oh how much can change in 6 short months. I miss him so!


judy anderson said...

I think of you everyday and admire your courage. Ava is adorable.

Anki said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful pics of your adorable children. I think of you and your family. It's so nice to see that Ava is smiling though I am sure she miss Ethan as much as you do. Remember to take it slow - one step at a time and always remember that Ethan will be there next to you - close to your heart. Kram - Anki

Vicki said...

You are an amazing person! The picture are wonderful as always. I love the new kitty photo's! I was just like Ava when I was young growing up on the farm... only back then.. there was no moterized trucks.. I had to push them in buggy like babies. I think of you often and have so much admiration for you. God bless you and your family.

Kelley Eubanks said...

My heart just breaks for you everytime I visit your blog! I visit just about everyday but rarely comment! You are so much stronger than me!!

Anonymous said...

Ava looks adorable as usual. And I can't even begin to imagine how much you miss Ethan. I pray for you and admire your strength even with the heart ache that you are suffering at this time. Hopefully with time the good Lord will help lighten the pain. I look at Ethan's pictures and my heart aches for you. take care. Sandy in MD

Stampin' Pam said...

ADORABLE - just love the pig tails - and that smile - can't be any cuter. I love the pic of Ethan and Ava. What wonderful memories you carry, Alicia. Of course you miss him - and you always will - your strength is a source of inspiration. Prayers for you continue - LOVE the kittie pics too and I adore the name you picked out for your new little boy. I am sure Ethan is smiling down on all of you.

Kristin Bueter said...

OMG...Ava is so precious :) I love this cupcake shirt on her with the cute skirt and leggings! The pigtails are the perfect touch. She is simply adorable...and I'm not biased :O)

I always loved that picture of Ethan and Ava also. The love between siblings is something unique that can never be replaced. You can see that love shining in both of their eyes.

Your babies are lucky to have you and Dave as parents. All of you are so blessed to have and to have had each other. God bless, friend.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Lauren Meader's blog and have read your story through her eyes. I couldn't bring myself to come and read your blog as I thought it would be too upsetting. However, I am so glad I came to take a look as you are such a positive and strong person.

My heart aches as I read your blog posts and look at the pictures of your darling Ethan but know he will always be there with you. Ava is so lucky to have such loving parents who will always help her remember her gorgeous big brother.

Thanks for sharing your story so honestly and openly - it will certainly bring strength to others and give the rest of the world a chance to meet a special little boy - Ethan.

P.S I had a brother who died at age 3, in 1994. He is missed everyday but he will always live on in our memories.