Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Day for Ava!

Yesterday Ava, my mom and I went to town to pick out some paint and fabric so I could repaint a wall in my living room. It wasn't planned, but I thought.....why not, it will give the room a change and I love to redecorate. We didn't get home until mid afternoon and I checked my phone messages before getting Ava girl down for her nap. I didn't expect to hear the message that my neighbor had to say. It was about Ava's LillyRose. She had been lost since Thursday and guess what....she came walking up to the neighbors house shortly after midnight last night covered in burrs and ticks. We live about 3/4 of a mile from their house, but I'm sure she took the short cut across the field, but still it is a long way. After Ava's nap we went over to their house to get her surprise. We now have one very happy little girl! Isn't that a great story. I'm really not a patient person, so I had basically written off the kitten to either a raccoon or a coyote, but guess I was wrong! Oh Happy Day for Ava and her Lilly Rose!

So.....yesterday I was determined to get a card/template completed for the PTI guest stamper contest, but this was way more important than any contest. My little girl is very happy...and I can always enter next month!


Wendi said...

Great news! Welcome back little kitten!! Oh, darling picture of the 2 of you too.
Happy Day!

judy anderson said...

You totally amaze me. Your attitude is marvelous.
And I wonder if that attitude freed Ethan's spirit to watch over a little kitten and guide it to safety as a precious gift for his sister. God works in mysterious ways.
Your family is in my thoughts daily. Take care and blessings.

beth said...

You two look very cute in your pink outfits. Glad the kitten is doing well.
Thinking of you - take care of yourself.
Great job on the cards!! May have to copy them. LOL

Anki said...

Oh - I am so happy for Ava! The picture of you too in matching colours is just wonderful. So wishing you tons of happiness! Kram - Anki

Anonymous said...

Some adorable little angel was watching over that kitty for his sister. The two of you look wonderful in your pink tops. Once again take care of yourself. Sandy from MD

Ink, paper and BLING! said...

I love your matching outfits. I still think of your family every day, and I pray that you will have a good day. I guess my prayers were answered today.
May God Bless your home, heart and spirit.

Debbie said...

So happy that Ava's kitty was found! the two of your look great in your hot pink!

Kristin Bueter said...

I know I sent you a message about this post, but I didn't tell you how much I LOVE this picture of the two of you in your hot pink shirts! So girly and pretty :O)