Monday, July 6, 2009

Lilly Rose

Ava girl is on cloud nine with her new baby kitty "Lilly Rose". Our friends have a lot of baby kitties and I promised Ava that she could get one when the kitties were ready to leave their Mamas. Yesterday we went and picked up Lilly Rose. She loves her new baby and has been toting her around all day long. I have a few pictures to share of Ava and our new addition to our "small farm".
Lilly was actually the name that we were going to use if we were having a baby girl, but we found out on Thursday that we are going to have a little baby boy. We are very excited and can't wait for him to get here. November seems like so far away.

On the home front my husband and I actually accomplished something that has been sitting for over 4 weeks now. We haven't folded laundry in yes, 4 weeks. It's just hard knowing that this would be the last time to put away Ethan's jammies or hang up his button up shirts. It was hard on me, but we did it and his room is all straightened up and looks so nice. It will take a lot of time to go through everything and get things put thing at a time.

I'm gradually getting my stamp area back together and hopefully will have it completed by tomorrow and can start sharing some creative projects. I'm hoping to actually take part in Lauren's Saturday challenge. We'll see how the week goes before I commit, but that is my plan. Until then....Happy Stampin!


Leanne said...

Ava looks so happy with her new kitten. Makes me happy to see her smiling. Glad to hear you are starting to get back to normal (whatever that is!) and super excited to hear the news that you are having a boy. Stay strong and know that lots of people are thinking of you!

Odette said...

Hi Alicia :), I am so happy that in some way you are getting back to normal. Ava looks very happy to have a new kitty. And as Leanne says above, lots of people always think of you!
God bless your family always!!

LMangan said...

You are an amazing mother. Thank you for sharing with us. Ava looks ecstatic to have her new kitten. May God continue to watch over you and your family.

Wendi said...

You are so amazingly strong. Folding laundry has a whole new meaning for me. I'm not sure I'll be complaining about it any time soon. I'm continuing to pray for you and your family. Ava looks like she is loving her new kitten. So sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

I just recently read another blog that talks about losing a child and her normal now is not what we think but now a different normal. Take your time and let it happen when it happens. Grieving takes time. You are a strong gal from what I am reading and the Lord will heal your heart eventually in the new normal. You have such a beautiful little girl and such a treasure. You take care of yourself and may our Lord continue to keep you and your family close to His heart. Sandy (from MD with three grown boys and 6 granchildren)

Elaine said...

Hi Alicia, I found your blog via Lauren Meader's blog. I've added you to my favourites. :)

Ava is adorable with her new kitten. Beautiful photos!

Hope you'll be back creating soon, I'm looking forward to seeing your work.


Heather said...


Ava is just so sweet!!! I love her new Kitty at our house we have 3 cats and 2 dogs and our kids love animals so my girls loved seeing the pictures of Ava and her new Lily Rose!!!

I am so excited for you about the new baby I am sure it will be a very happy time indeed when the new little one makes his presence into your family!!!

Well sometimes I think it takes me 4 weeks to get the laundry folded and I have not been through the tragedy that you have so you are doing good girl!!!

I can not imagine how that felt having to do that task for the last time maybe I can look at laundry an different way now as a joyful task not my worst nightmare!!!

You are as always an inspiration Alicia and I will be looking for your next creation whenever you find the time to make it!!!


Debbie said...

Ava and Lilly Rose look like a happy pair. God bless you and your family. thoughts and prayers are with you.