Friday, May 22, 2009

Splash of Color Challenge

It's time for Lauren's Color Challenge! Above is a sneak peak of everyone's projects for this week. This was a fun set of colors to combine. The colors I chose were all from PTI, Rasberry Fizz, Summer Sunshine, Berry Sorbet, Aqua Mist, and Spring Moss. The first thing I wanted to use was a strawberry from one of my favorite PTI sets: Green Thumb. This is one of the most versatile sets. Below is our list of colors to incorporate in our card for this week.

Here is what I came up with. This card looks so summery to me. I even got out my needle and thread and sewed a little button on it.

On the home has been so stressful. Ethan still doesn't feel good and today marks 4 weeks of this. It's more than frustrating to him and to us. The doctor wants us to try cutting back on his meds and see if that helps a bit....I sure hope it does because we miss seeing our bubbly Ethan. We did take him to the new movie Night at the Museum 2 this afternoon and he seemed to like it, but after it was over he really felt bad. We just keep plugging day at a time. We're looking forward to a relaxing weekend here at home. We do have to make a trip to the hospital tomorrow for Ethan to get some platelets, but hopefully that will be all of the hospital fun for one weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to stop by and see the other gals creations!
Dana G
Dawn Easton
Tamara Harder
Tracey Cuccia


Agustina said...

I am sending good vibes torwards Eathan and your family, also praying for him. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope it is very relaxing.

Tracey Cuccia said...

Beautiful card Alicia -- great layout too! I want to take my DD to see that movie - I'll be praying for Ethan - {{{HUGS}}} coming your way...hope you have a good weekend!

Tracey said...

OMG! What a beautiful card, and what a challenge using so many colors. You did a great job!!!!

MacKenzie said...

Hope your hospital trip is routine and uneventful - hugs.

Kristin Bueter said...


Love your card! It IS summery :O) That's what I love about Lauren's color choice this week! Perfect choice in stamp sets for the colors cute.

Hope Ethan starts feeling better this weekend...and I really hope you all start getting some substantial, solid sleep. I think that will help as well. Praying for you guys as always. Hope the trip to the hospital is routine and quick. Have a great weekend, lady.


Stampin' Pam said...

Adorable card Alicia. Love the way you put it all together. Those strawberries are FAB. I think it's really interesting to see all of our interpretations of what colors those represented! Hugs to all of you and prayers for Ethan.

Dawn Easton said...

Alicia, your card is so flippin' cute! Love those images!

Sending big hugs your way....hope Ethan begins to feel better after the change in medicine dosage.

mamia said...

Continued prayers for Ethan and your whole family. God doesn't waste a hurt, someday you and Ethan will look back on this and draw strength from it. Keep the faith.

Tamara said...

Your card is fantastic. Green thumb is a perfect set to use with these summer colours.

I am sorry to hear that Ethan is having such a hard time recently. I will be praying for him.

Dana said...

Your cards is all about summer Alicia! Great choice in stamp sets to bring the color challenge to life.

Great big hugs to your family. It's so hard to see your babies upset.

Lauren (mytime) said...

LOVIN the dots and the layout! SUPER DUPER cute.