Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to Stampin! (and other news)

Hope you noticed my new picture at the top of the page. That was taken today out by our tulips. The kids planted these last fall and are so proud that they grew! We were outside getting ready to play ball, but I made the kids sit for a "photo shoot" first! All is going fairly well here. Ethan has been having pain in his legs and his back, but he keeps trucking along and we keep trying whatever there is to make things better. I think that the longer this goes on, the harder it gets....seems odd, but you just wish you could do so much more. We're enjoying life though and are really loving the wonderful spring weather that has hit our area.

On a stamping note, I'm going to get back into Lauren's Saturday challenges, so you'll be seeing a creation from me at least once a week...I can't promise more, but I'll try. I needed a little "pick me up" so I decided to get motivated and try this again. She has mixed things up a bit and I think you will like it.

On a "family note", we have some big news to share. I'm pregnant and we will be expecting our third little bundle of joy on Nov 28th. We are very excited and the kids are too. Ethan says it is a boy and Ava says it is a girl. Either way we are just wanting a happy and healthy little one. As if life isn't crazy enough!
On Monday, my husband saved a baby kitty from a tree in our yard. I guess the Mama either moved it there or decided that a tree would be a nice place to have her

kitten! Here are some pics of the kiddos with the newest animal on our "farm"......see you back here on Saturday!


Tracey Cuccia said...

Alicia -

CONGRATULATIONS :) Happy News! Glad to hear you are giving a little time to 'you' and that Ethan is holding his own. Continued prayers and {{{HUGS}}}

beth said...

Awwwww.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Glad you posted - I have been praying for little Ethan. May God Bless him. Can't wait until you post some cards.
God Bless

Gail S. said...

What great news for you and your family! My birthday is November 28th so I will be hoping the baby comes right on time! Praying for you all - Gail S.

Heather said...

Oh My Alicia,

I am so so so so exicted for you and so so so so Happy for you and for the kids and for Hubby too!!!!

I am sure Ethan and Ava will adore their new baby brother or sister!!!

Piper was 5 and Willow was 3 when Tucker was born and it was so much fun!!!!

The girls were so excited to get a brother to play with!!!

I love the new pictures and I love that you are back on Laurens Team too!!! Yea you girl!!!

As always we will keep Ethan in our thoughts and prayers!!! God has a reason for everything and he can always throw us a miracle when we least expect it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations.. an exciting event for your family!


Kimberly Crawford said...

Hey there!! I am sending you the biggest ((((((HUGS)))))!!
Life sure keeps you busy! HUGE congrats on the new baby!! I hope that you are feeling well and having some energy. Know that I am thinking of you often, and saying a prayer for you and your family!!! LOVE your GSS project too!!!! :)