Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cherry Picking!

We had a great weekend and one of the highlights Sunday was Cherry Picking. The kids only lasted a little bit until they got bored, but they had fun while it lasted! The cherries are delicious. We gave away most of them, but we kept enough to make a cherry crisp and boy was it yummy and simple.....I say that as my husband pitted the cherries and my Mom made the crisp. I was the taste tester!!!
As you can see....we went swimming! Oh was this fun! Ava got a little scared after I got her hair wet, but she soon got rid of her fear and was trying to climb in as we were getting ready to quit for the day! Ethan had a ball. He jumped in time after time and was sooo cold! He refused to give in though!
I'm heading to my stamp room!!! I have to cut cards for tomorrow night at stamp club and I am going to scrapbook. I always save that for last, but it is my favorite thing to do so today I'm going to make sure I make a page! I'll post tomorrow and show you how my page turned out!
The kiddos are napping so I better get moving!

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