Friday, December 19, 2008

A stamping award and early morning ramblings!

This award requires me to list five things I'm addicted to. Addictions?
A friend of mine that I've met through the "Blogging" world nominated me for this and I usually don't play along with any type of forwards or things like this, but it's 5:00 am, I'm up and thought, why not!
Go check out "Mindless Creativity" with Kristen to see her wonderful work.
1. stamping - definitely my #1 stress reliever!
2. sweets - any kind, but chocolate is probably my favorite
3. shopping - it's therapeutic
4. Diet Dr. Pepper - I don't do coffee!
5. stamping blogs - I love to surf for new ideas!
Thanks was fun playing along.
I awoke this morning to a tree limb that sounds like it is going to fall on our house. We had a "HUGE" ice storm here through the night. The fun part is that I have to head to get Ethan his labs at 7:00 in the morning in case we need to head to the hospital for platelets which is 3 hours away on a good weather day! Oh fun fun!!!
I've been working feverously on my Christmas cards and should get them finished today....depending on if I have to travel or not. I also made a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. Over the summer my kiddos seemed to have lost her coasters while playing with them at their wedding present opening. So I made her some new ones out of tiles from Lowe's. If I'm home today ( "if" ) then I'll snap a picture so you can see. These were super easy and I think they look really cool.
Off for a few more zzzzzz' least until 6:00! Have a great Friday! Only 6 days until Christmas! Oh the kids are so fact, I took them to see Santa yesterday and here is their picture. I read online that you could not bring your own camera.....only to find out that if I had brought mine I could have paid $2 and used my camera! I have a really nice Olympus E330 DSLR.....oh well. The kids probably wouldn't have behaved so well if I had brought mine. Guess I'll share this picture later today too......blogger doesn't seem to want me to add any more pictures!

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Kristin Bueter said...

Hey Alicia :O) So glad you posted one of your so deserve it! Your blog is awesome! I wanted to let you know that if you decide to display the award(s) have one more on my blog called the "Kreativ Blogger" award. Just scroll down a couple of posts.

Hope you didn't have to travel today and Ethan's platelet levels are headed toward normal. Always in my prayers... Have super weekend.