Monday, December 8, 2008

Howdy Partner!

Isn't Billy just the sweetest little cowboy. This stamp reminds me so much of my little Ethan. Ethan wanted to know why he had a stick horse though.....every real cowboy has a "real" horse!
I used my copics to color Billy in. I used to love to color with crayons when I was little.....didn't know I would get to continue doing it now that I'm big!
Today was a good day at work. The morning was a little busy getting the kids ready and out of the house, but it was nice having to "think" about different things for a change. The night seems to go by quickly, so I'm very thankful that I'm only working 2 days per week, plus with Ethan's lab schedule, we don't have time for much else.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Tuesday!

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Chrissie said...

Eine so herzige Karte, die gefällt mir sehr gut.
LG Christina