Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love You Forever

It's Saturday and time for Lauren's Sketch. I honestly forgot it was Saturday....this week has just been crazy, both good and bad. It started off horribly with Sonador's passing, then we had to explain things to Ethan. Tuesday was better and the anticipation for Christmas was wonderful and exciting. The kids were so thrilled that Santa was coming, they could hardly wait. Christmas was busy and then it was back to work yesterday. Ethan had labs and wouldn't you know it, Ethan's platelets were low and he needed a transfusion, only problem was that St. Louis's clinic was closed and the only option there was to wait until 5:00 last night when their CARES unit opened. So we opted to go to our local hospital, but the platelets wouldn't be here from the blood bank until around we decided to stay here since St. Louis is about 3 hours away! Ethan had a reaction to the Benadryl and screamed for a half hour straight. He gets this as a pre-med for his platelets. So we finally left there to head to my sister-in-law's birthday party and they had been there since 5:00 and we got there at 7:00 and they were still waiting on their food! To top the night off, we went back to their house for cake and pie and everything was going fine until we were getting ready to leave. Ava was sitting on the floor in the hall and was talking to another friend and she leaned back and hit the door to the basement and it wasn't latched and she fell backwards all the way down the wooden steps to the concrete floor. Luckily she just got a couple scrapes and a lot of tears. This was terrifying for me. I think my heart stopped. I tried catching her, but felt helpless as she fell down every step. That ended our night, but the kids were still determined to go camping when we got home. Ethan put his tent up and said it smelled, so he and Daddy slept in the bed, but Mommy and Ava got to camp. Hope all of you have a good weekend. We're hoping ours gets off to a better start than how our week ended.

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Kristin Bueter said...

OMG Alicia...when it rains, it pours. I would have had a heart attack on the spot watching Ava fall...I can imagine your feeling of helplessness. I'm so glad to hear she's okay and that Ethan got his transfusion. Looks like everything worked out in the end, just a sucky way of getting there. Hope the kids LOVED Christmas day and are having fun with new toys this weekend. With any luck you'll find some time to take a deep breath and relax this weekend! Your card is amazing, BTW! Now I feel like making some Valentine cards :O)

Take care,

apigonfire said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like you've had some craziness at your house! I'm so sorry! But, I did want to say that I love your picture of your kiddos at the top of your blog - I'm sorry that they have had their boo-boos, but they look adorable! :)

Anyways - I came from Lauren's sketch challenge. Your card looks great! I am so glad to be moving on to Valentine's Day! :)

Take care of yourself and your cute kiddos!

Terri said...

Great card. I love this stamp set and the Raspberry Fizz collection too. I am sorry hear all that happened. I am glad everything turned out okay in the end. I sure hope things get less stressful for you soon.

Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh my gosh! You lost your horse, (that is terrible-poor Ethan-riught before Christmas, not that any time is good) Ethan needed platelets, had a reaction to the med-awful, then poor lil Ava falls down CEMENT stairs. Did you have a breakdonw yet? Goodness gracious. That is aweful. Im glad she is OK. My kids have had a few tumbles down the stairs and it is terrifying. A few weeks ago Alexa fell down the entire flight. Jay tried to grab her but she was at the top he at the bottom. I had to close my eyes cause I couldn't bear to watch.
Im so sorry for all your drama.You still manage to get some great stuff done too.
Got your card today-love it :D Hugs & prayers always my friend

MacKenzie said...

Definitely a memorable Christmas for the whole family eh? Glad both kiddos are okay.

Love your card! I already feel Valentine's day sneaking up on me!