Sunday, December 14, 2008

Masculine Card

Papertrey Ink's release Party is tonight.....I always find something that I like! I can't wait to see their new Heart Prints set this month....I love hearts and this set looks really neat. I love the idea of the coordinating punches to. Have you seen Lauren Meader's new templates.....looks like PTI is going to start carrying those cool tubes to go with them too. I think these would be fun to play with and create some neat gifts. My card today was what I submitted for the Guest Star Stamper contest at PTI. The challenge this month was to do a card for one of the following categories:

-Best Teacher's gift
-Best Masculine Card
-Best use of any Papertrey set released before October 2008
I chose to do a masculine card, but I guess it would actually fit both categories of a set released before Oct.2008 too. Pond Life is such a versatile set. It's great to use for grown men or little boys. I'll load up another card that I made with the cute little turtle in this set. I loved how this card turned out. The bright colors aren't usually my style, but it was a really fun card to make.

That's it for this Sunday. We just got back home from church and going out to lunch. Never a dull moment here that is for sure. Ethan had labs yesterday because we were worried about his platelets and his hemoglobin levels. His platelets have dropped quite a bit, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we end up heading to St. Louis this week for a transfusion. We'll just play things by ear though. He is still full of energy though. Those of you that don't know about all of these medical terms, platelets are the part of your blood that helps it to clot....well Ethan's was 36 and most people are around what does Ethan do at lunch today. He pushes his chair backwards and luckily there was a lady sitting behind him, so her leg took most of the fall of his head. I was so mad because I had just told him to quit doing it and there he went and almost hurt himself really! The bad thing about Ethan falling is that it is dangerous to hurt yourself with low platelets in fear of bleeding and not being able to stop! Try to explain tha tto a 4 year old! Ava threw such a fit that my husband had to take her outside for a little "talk". She behaved most of the time after that. Some days are just trying to say the least!
I'll be back tomorrow to share a cute valentine card. I'm heading to make it right now and then I HAVE to get my Christmas cards done. Lots of things to do. Tomorrow I head back to work for my second week back. 2 days doesn't seeem to work out too bad.....5 days in between really gives me the break I need and keeps a good balance between family and work. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good Sunday!


Kristin Bueter said...

Thank goodness the lady's leg caught most of Ethan's fall! I cannot even imagine you having to deal with trying to stop the bleeding when the blood won't even clot. You're still in my prayers.

Love your cards! The rustic-colored one and the vibrant one :O) I usually steer clear of the vibrant colors also, but your card turned out terrific!

Kimberly said...

LOVE both cards!!! But that turtle one, well, its just fantastic!!

MacKenzie said...

love love love love love the turtle card! My brain never would have thought of that.

BTW - I totally recommend the Hello Kitty popcorn maker. It works really well and makes the kids crack up everytime we use it. Being from the "microwave popcorn generation" it's something fun for the whole family to do.