Friday, February 20, 2009

A Big Texas Hello from "COW TOWN"!

Well, no sketch to share today, but I can say that we are having a wonderful time on our family vacation in Texas. We just got in from the Fort Worth Rodeo and what fun it was! We've had some very fun filled days here in Texas. The first day we were here the kids hadn't gotten to bed until around midnight, so needless to say, they were extremely tired the next day. We ventured out to the Main Street in Grapevine to see what they had to offer and we found some options where we could possibly go horse back riding. The kids needed a nap so bad, so we spent the afternnon napping and Dave and I got to take walks around the camp yards as it was over 70 out. Then we went in the evening to the playground and the kids loved that. We headed for supper at a local BBQ place and I can't say enough about it.....oh my were we full!

Yesterday we went horse back riding in the morning and then to a drive through safari in the afternoon/early evening. It was really fun, especially the ostriches that reached their head compeletly into our vehicle and grabbed the bag of food. It scared us! We got to see so many animals and we even got to feed the giraffes from our car. Today we saw a cattle drive and made it to the rodeo this evening. During the afternoon we took a train ride too. The kids don't know how lucky they have it to go on a trip like this and be doing so much.

Tomorrow we plan to do more of the same, cattle drives, rodeo and more eating! We have stuffed our faces down here.....I hate to jump on the scale when we get home!

Now aren't these pictures priceless! Have a great weekend!


Jill S, N Ireland said...

Have a wonderful vacation. It looks absolutely amazing. I'm sure the kids just adore it all. You all deserve it. Enjoy!

apigonfire said...

Okay... you're babies are the cutest things ever! Definately sends my ovaries bouncing (as Pioneer Woman would say!). I can only hope that I have cuties like that some day!
I am glad you are enjoying your vacation! Sounds like you are relaxing and enjoying your special time with your family!

Shannan Teubner said...

OMG I can't believe you're so close! I hope yall are having a great time, and if you feel like taking a trip to Waxahachie, I'll meet you at the best scrapbook store EVAH! :) Have fun!

Cheryl KVD said...

Hi! I saw your blog link from Crafty Engineering....I'm also an engineer - my degree is in Industrial, but my experience is in electronics. Nice to meet another stampin engineer!!

Heather said...


I am sorry I have been remiss lately about leaving comments!!!

Life seems to get so busy and I have been reading your great posts but I have not taken as much time to leave all the comments I should!!!

I love that picture of Ava she is adorable and her hair gets cuter and cuter!!!

I am so happy you finally had time to get away as a family and are having a fun time!!!

Great to see the pictures thanks for sharing!!! I hope Ethan is doing good on the trip!!!


reeree62 said...

Your kids are super cute! And the last pic, of your daughter.... well, she has the face of an ANGEL! Precious as could be!