Monday, October 13, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

No, I'm not ready for snow, but it did really feel like winter after making my project for the Papertrey Ink Guest Star Stamper Contest. I really like how it all came together. My Mom helped me out a bit on the sewing part......I can sew, but with 2 kids, a very tiny stamp's just easier this way, plus she is a lot quicker! This project is very quick and easy to make. The pillow cover was inspired by a Woman's Day magazine called "Best Ideas for Christmas" It is full of ideas and the one that I really liked were the pillow covers. I thought these would be perfect in my living room.

I used PTI's set, Snowflake Seranade, for all of my creations. The pillow is just made out of muslin and are two square panels sewed with a 1/4" seam along the edges and has ribbon attached to the corners to tie to the pillow......super easy and quick! The picture frame is actually a great bargain that I got last year at Hobby Lobby after Christmas. They are just kraft colored and were regulary $4.99 each. I picked each one up for around $1.00.....I took all they had :-) The little goody bag is made out of muslin idea was for cookies or another treat, but this would make a perfect wine bottle bag! Hope you enjoy my creations.......I sure had fun making them!

My much simpler can this be to make. I love it though!! The rhinestones add some bling too. This took less than a couple minutes to make!

This little goody bag is probably the perfect little gift, especially for school teachers or just something to have on hand in case you need a quick gift on the go! I really like the idea of having them to cover up a bottle of wine too. It helps that I live less than a half mile from a winery!!!

My picture frame has my favorite picture of the year........our Christmas photo of my kids riding our little burrow! I just love this picture.....I'm going to have it framed everywhere! I took some really neat pictures of the kids this weekend too, check out my new title bar.....I think this is my new favorite photo of the year! They were having a ball walking/dancing around the winery on Saturday. What a perfect day!

A HUGE thank you to Lauren Meader too! Check out her latest blog entry.......see those fabulous cards. Well, these will be in a collection of cards to be auctioned off at my son's benefit in November in the silent auction. They are pretty online, but are georgeous in person! THANK YOU!!!


cnote_71 said...

Yes, I'm up late just like you! Love your submission and will see you on Wednesday. Your sleeve for a wine bottle will work for good Christmas gift packaging for me. I'll be asking for details! How cool is that we saw Lauren's creations in our hands before they were posted!

Kristin Bueter said...


I hope you don't mind, but I put a post about Ethan and the benefit on my blog. Please let me know if I left something significant out or mis-worded anything. I basically went with the information on the benefit's hopefully I'm not too far off

You are all still in my prayers. God bless!