Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FINALLY.....Lauren's Saturday (Tuesday) Sketch!

I finally gave in and I'm at my Mom's house loading up my cards. Our laptop is still with the Geek Squad.....doesn't look good. They did save all of my files, but the computer itself is still under a diagnostic test and the guy said that they usually don't take this long to complete. Sooo.....when it rains it pours, but at least a computer can be replaced!

Today we made a trip to STL for a checkup on our son. They ask how he is doing as he is running around the Doctors office and we can't contain him long enough to even get a listen to his heart.....I think he is doing fine! It's just amazing at how much energy he has. Ava came along today too. That was interesting as well. We ate at the Olive Garden or as Ethan calls it, The Pasta Place, and then we made a pitstop at Target to get Ethan some cowboy lights. They both had to go potty of course as we walked into the store and then we were back looking at toys and Ava said she had to go potty again, well we just kind of blew her off because she does this all of the time. Then she said, Mommy, I got to go potty....and right there in the store she peed all over her pants, undies, shoes, socks, shopping cart and the floor. I tried my best to wipe it up with a clorox wipe and then headed to the car with her to get some dry clothes. UGH....I did stop by the customer service desk to tell them there was a spill in the baby doll isle! That was the least I could do!

The Cowboy card is my take on Lauren's "Saturday" sketch and the purple card is my Mom's. We both had them finished, but ....you know, the computer thing! Lauren inspired me with the cowboy from her card she made for my son. Isn't that cowboy cute. He is from Pink Cat Studio. "Cowboy Billy" My Mom used "Pocket Silhouettes" from SU. Hope you enjoy the cards.

These are a couple picture of Ethan. He is feeding his horse Sonador, isn't that sweet. The other is from across the road by the pumpkin patch. Ethan is really into getting his picture taken lately, but our little Chicky isn't!

Thanks for stopping by.....hopefully we'll be up and running with a computer by the end of the week!


Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh I love them both to pieces. You bot did a fabulous job. Love the cowboy, of course, with all the staes, and purple and butterflies-my favorite!!! I wish you get your biggest wish come true for your birthday. I think I know what it is so Im praying hard for you all :D

Lauren (mytime) said...

OMG! Check out all my errors! YIKES! Sorry-Im exhausted and should have proof read that post

Heather said...


I love both cards! I have got to use that Billy Stamp now. You and Lauren have done cute things with him!

I have been praying for your family in my daily prayers too!

Hang in there!


oh P.S.

My Saturday Sketch was a Tuesday Sketch too!


Melissa said...

Awesome job on your cards!!!

Kristine B. said...

Awww...sooo CUTE!! Your boy AND your cards :)