Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lauren's Saturday (Sunday) Sketch .....Almost

I'm a little frustrated.....our computer is not working. Just ask my DSH why!!! I can't seem to get this loaner to load any pictures so guess my blogging days will have to wait until our computer is up and running again. I'm just praying that our hard drive is okay. I do backup our pictures and leave them on discs at my Mom's, so I'm not too terribly worried that I lost any of my digital shots, but we went through this last year and oh what a pain.....not something I really have time to deal with right now. Hopefully my DSW will get it fixed soon....he's going to call a couple of people tomorrow.

Wish I could share my card with you.....but I guess that will have to wait!

The kiddos are down for a nap and it's just a real lazy Sunday afternoon. I went shopping this morning for some clothes for my daughter.....I think she is finally set for fall/winter. My birthday is tomorrow.....I'll be 32!! My birthdays or any celebration just aren't the same since my son is sick. Hopefully one day soon we'll be able to appreciate the fun family get togethers and get togethers with friends.

Hope to be back soon with some pictures......thanks for stopping by!


cnote_71 said...

I was a little worried when you didn't post for Lauren's sketch. Must have checked your blog upteen times the last two days. Glad to know it was just a computer glitch. Happy birthday tomorrow!

Lauren (mytime) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! A day late :C Sorry!! I understand how you feel. There will be brighter days. Ethan looks so good!!! Hugs to all of you from us here in NH!