Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby Elephant!

I had this idea to make some really simple baby cards with the Wild About You set. Well, my simple card turned out a little more detailed than I had planned. Oh well, it's still cute!
The other picture is of my cards I've been making while cooped up in the hospital for Ethan's transplant. I can see these as I sit on the couch and it gives me a little inspiration.
We've been here for 20 days now. Now we are just waiting on Ethan's counts to come back up. Hopefully we'll be home by the end of the week. Ethan did get unhooked today so Dave and I played hide and seek with him. He's too funny because he always tells us where he is hiding and he giggles when we start to look for him. Oh how I want to be home so we can be playing this with Ava too. All in good time!

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cnote_71 said...

Thanks for the picts Alicia. It was great to see your cards on the wall and even better to see Ethan playing hide and seek with you. Hayden does the exact same thing when playing hide and seek. So funny.

Your new baby card was cute too!