Monday, September 8, 2008

Thinking Christmas!

Just thinking about Christmas.....actually I'm just trying to get something together to work on while in the hospital with Ethan next week. So, I decided to get my stuff ready for my Christmas cards. I love them!!! I'll let you take a look at my picture for the front of my card. They are very simple, yet just perfect. I needed a little "Pick me up!" this week.....the waiting on everything gets to you after a while. Stamping usually brightens my day! I went with a Chocolate Chip/Riding Hood Red color scheme and had the picture printed in a sepia tone. Yes, I know Joseph led Mary and baby Jesus wasn't born yet, but "you get the picture" right!

This is our new burrow, Ranger, or as we sometimes call him, Eeyore. He is just wonderful. He is so friendly, kind of like having a 2nd dog. The kids are so attached to him and want to ride him all of the time.

Off to bed.....I stayed up way too late. We are heading to St. Louis tomorrow so Ethan can have labs drawn for his pre pheresis workup. Then we should be home until Sunday. I had to laugh tonight while Ethan and I were saying our bedtime prayers. We had finished with our prayers and then Ethan wanted to say one more. "Dear GOD, could you please make Ava un ornery" "Thank you, Amen" It was too cute. Good Night. Hopefully I'll be back with a post soon....I made a card with my new SU set called A Rose is a Rose. Thanks for stopping by!


cnote_71 said...

I'm laughing as I type. How cute is that prayer! Your Christmas cards will be precious with that pic of the kids and their new best friend. Hope all went well today.


Camissa said...

I LOVE that picture. They are so adorable.