Friday, September 19, 2008

Season of Friendship!

Goodness......I feel like just crawling up in a ball, heading to bed and waking up from this dream they call life! It's been a good day, I'm not complaining about that at all, but life just seems so absolutely crazy right now. We got news from Ethan's scans. He has another spot on his MIBG that showed up this time on his skull. It isn't news we wanted to hear, but what do you do? We got news today too that Ethan's treatment plan will be starting next Thursday out in Philadelphia. We're very anxious and glad that things are moving quickly out there. So today I tried to make plans for flights and other things that need to happen before next week. I'm even having my friend, Lisa, make Ethan another blanket. She made him this pirate blanket, but he sleeps with it at naptime and the hospital and since everything that he takes with him into the room will be thrown away (due to it being radioactive), I'm trying to make sure things can be replaced when we get out! Anyone have the IKEA giraffe.....I'm in search of a replacement one of those too! The little things right!

This next treatment is a radioactive treatment where the MIBG substance is injected and it tracks down any neuroblastoma cells and then it is killed with the radioactive substance that it is connected too. It all sounds good in theory, so we're just praying that this all works. They will do a follow up scan 6 weeks after his treatment.

I'm sure that most of you didn't check in to find out about Ethan, but rather a card for Saturday, so onward to more "fun" stuff to share. Lauren had a very unique sketch for us this week. Don't look too closely because it was supposed to be scalloped around the edge, but I don't own the square nestibilities, so I tried making this card with my scallop edge punch from SU and it gets a little tricky around the corners. You can't really tell that much in the photo though. I used my new stamp set from SU, Season of Friendship. There is a snowflake, a bird, flower, the leaf and this sentiment that is just wonderful. You can purchase this starting next month. I used a new color combo too, really rust, sage shadow, chocolate chip and very vanilla. I like these colors is a really pretty fall combo. My dining room is the sage shadow and my living room has and accent color of rust, so this fall I might try to incorporate the sage shadow in my living room and the rust into my dining room.....sounds like a good plan right!

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I'll also share a picture of our horses and the barn that was built in 3 days! We went on a horse back ride this evening with the kiddos. I wish it didn't get dark so early, but it did and we needed to cross a creek and the horses weren't cooperating. So needless to say, we had to walk them across with kids in tote. I think we have learned a lesson about starting on a ride to late in the eveninig. We're planning on heading out in the morning so we'll have plenty of light. Should be a great time. We're trying to make the most of our time before we head out for Ethan's treatments.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm not for sure how much posting I'll do while out in Philly.


Denise said...

Great card! YOu give me inspiration when I read about the hard times you and your family are going through. you are all in our thoughts. Have a safe trip. Denise

Dawn Easton said...

Love your card! The scallop edging is fabulous as is the image choice!

Lauren (mytime) said...

LOVE the colors you chose! WOW!!! Keeping you in our prayers. I can't believe they put that up in a couple of days!! WOW! Hope Ethan is enjoying it. Ill be emailing you back this weekend!

Ashley said...

What a gorgeous card!

Kristin Bueter said...

Awesome take on Lauren's sketch! I love the serenity of your colors and focal image. Very calming.

You and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Heather said...

I did want to see the card, but I also stopped by to see how your son is doing.

I am an RN, and a Mommy of 3 and we had a cancer scare with my 13 month old last month. Now things are looking up, but it is so scary when you are in it. So I will not say I know where you are at, because no one really does except for God. Hang in there radioactive treatment can be very effective.

Love your creations!

Heather Schlatter
I have not done my card yet, but I will later and it will be on

I just started my blog this week after spending a year reading all the great blogs you all have!

Super cute kids! You are truely blessed!

Heather Schlatter