Friday, September 5, 2008

Saturday Sketch with Lauren

Lauren's Saturday Sketch!'s been a week since I last updated. Time and life changes so quickly. We've been all over the US since I was last here. Things are quite crazy around our house. This week started with a barn raising over the weekend......and i truly mean a barn raising in 3 short days! Then on Tuesday we got a phone call that changed the week.
The Doctors from Philadelphia called and we made some "quick" arrangements and flew out Tuesday evening for a 8:30 doctor's appt on Wed morning. Needless to say, we filled out paperwork after arriving Wed morning, met with the Doctor by 9:30, took a tour of the facility and were back in a taxi by 11:30 to try and catch a 12:50 flight back to all worked out and we got home just in time for Ethan to get his Make-A-Wish horse, Sonador.

Our family is now 3 memebers larger! Sonador, Dusty, and Ranger are all here and have brought so many smiles to our faces already. This is a hard time in our lives and maybe the timing is just perfect and this is just what we needed. Ethan's next step is on Sept 15th where they will harvest stem cells and reserve them for some future treatments. Looks like we are home all next week to enjoy ourselves and our new friends. I'll give a few more details later, but it is late here and I thought I better get to posting before I forgot!

My card is a new color scheme for me, Chocolate Chip, Sage Shadow, and Pumpkin Pie. What do you think? I really like the color combo. I used some of SU's new designer paper that I think added a nice touch. I got to use my new set, Autumn Harvest, from SU and the sentiment is from Hugs and Wishes, also from SU. The dew drops on the side are new from I love these. The ribbon is from SU too. I'm all set for Stamp Club for this month, which if you are reading this, it has changed to next week on Sept 10th....due to some recent changes in our schedule with Ethan's treatments. I made this card while the kiddos ate breakfast. I'm having a hard time taking away any time from the kids to do my "crafts", so I'm getting a little time in while doing other things. Gives me a little time to "not think" about other things going on.
Below are pictures of our new family members. Sonador is on the left with Ranger in the middle and Dusty on the right. Sondador is Ethan's buddy, Ranger is Ava's minature burrow, and Dusty is my horse. All three of them are just wonderful. Sondador has taken quite well to Ethan and loves to eat carrots from his hand. Ranger is just a doll and loves to be petted and the little kids ride him. He's just so gentle and kind.....he reminds me of Eyeore from Winnie the Pooh. Dusty is definitely a lady's horse and is already my new best friend. She rests her head on my shoulders and is a real sweetheart. They are definitely a wonderful addition. I talked Ethan into getting his picture taken under our "tree" today too. Aren't they just too cute. He has on a cowboy vest that came from a friend who has a son going through treatments for Leukemia. He hasn't taken it off except to shower. Ava is sporting some new cowgirl attire too!
Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. My posts are probably going to be few and far between. All our energy and focus is on our family and getting our son well. I do like to escape from "my world" too so I'll hopefully be doing some stamping for relaxation. I'll definitely be back next Saturday. Be sure to check out the other ladies cards as well.


Kristy said...

Just a beautiful card! I love the three colors together and the ribbon is great. Your family pictures are always so sweet too.

Lauren (mytime) said...

Love the card with all teh scallops. WOW! You have been busy. Ethan looks SOOOOO HAPPY!! WOW! What a great thing Make-A-Wish has done. You all remain in our prayers!

Ashley said...

What a pretty card!

MacKenzie Bruckler said...

Things seem to be moving in the right direction for your family now. I'll be thinking of little Ethan on the 15th.

Gorgeous card. That color combo rocks!

Kim Gasper said...

Beautiful fall colors! Your kids are always adorable. I'll be thinking about your family and keeping you in our prayers.

Kirsten said...

Still praying for little Ethan! What fun! A new horse for such a cute little cowboy! :) Love the card, too! I do like that CC for fall.