Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missing my Baby!

We are in Philly and today is the day of Ethan's MIBG infusion. Just thought I would post a couple of my favorite pics from the past few days. Look at my little chicky in her new pink shoes! She loves to play dress up. Ethan was tired of smiling for pics yesterday at the Philadelphia Zoo so I thought I would just play along with him. He's laughing at me! No card making for me this week. I won't be home until Monday at the earliest! I did bring along my daughter's felt stocking to work on, so that should keep me busy. I made a cowboy one for Ethan last year that I'll have to take a picture of to post sometime.
I've had little to no sleep last night. I stayed by myself at the Ronald McDonald House. The house is wonderful, but it is a strange place and I never sleep very good away from home anyway. I'll check back in this weekend and post a few new pics.....I never run out of pictures of my kiddos! I really miss my little girl so looking at pictures of her helps. Hope all of you have a great weekend!

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cnote_71 said...

Thinking about you guys constantly. Thanks for sharing the pics. Ava looks so grown up and the one of you and Ethan is adorable. Just a few more days till you are home .... hang in there.