Friday, October 16, 2009

Pink Cat Studio Digi Release!

It's time again for another Pink Cat Studio Digi Release! Aren't these owls just adorable! They are all so fun to color! My daughter has enjoyed coloring them too. She usually insists that when I print one out for me that I print one out for her also! I created a birthday card for a little friend of ours with the Owl Unicycle. I went a little crazy with dots, but I think it turned out really fun!
I made this little Halloween treat bag filled with minature oreo cookies. Little Bobby in his dinasaur costume reminded me so much of the monster on Monsters INC.
I've been creating a little this week, but mostly cleaning and organizing in my house! I guess they call this nesting. Good thing is that the last couple of nights I've been sleeping better. I'm only up now because my "DH" and I don't mean "Dear" won't get out of bed and his alarm keeps going off! Oh well, sleeping until 5:30 is much, much better than only sleeping until 2 or 3:30! Today I have to put a few more things away and then I will hopefully have time to finish up some things that I've been trying to get done for Kale's baby room. I keep saying that it is almost finished, and it really is!
This weekend we were supposed to have a fall party at our house, but the weather here hasn't been cooperating! It rains almost every other day and it is rather cold for this time of year, so yesterday I canceled it. I think the kids would have been miserable outside and I don't have room for everyone in my house! So hopefully Saturday we'll be taking it easy at our house and just enjoy having nothing to do! I doubt that will happen, but we can try!
I need to take some pictures of my Ava girl....seems like forever since I have taken pictures of her. My friend just got her the cutest little owl shirt that I'll have to share from the Gap. What 3 year old tells you that when you ask them what color they want to wear for the day says "brown". That is what she told me yesterday! She's too funny when it comes to clothes, you would think she is a teenager already as she is already picking out what she wears and refusing to wear things some days! I'm off to the couch to try and get a couple more zzzz's before my day starts! Have a great weekend!
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Emily Leiphart said...

Alicia, I love your bright colourful card and treat bag. Two wonderful creations! How sweet that Ava enjoys colouring these images with you every week!

Kerry D-C said...

These are SOOO adorable!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the circles and dots on the top card!!
Good luck with Ava and the clothes....its cute now, but in a few years she will seem impossible when it comes to clothes!!! LOL! All of a sudden they don't want to wear those cute little dresses and mary janes. :( Boo Hoooooo hoooo hooooooooooo! haahahaaa....get it? I was Hoooo hoooo hooooo-ing like an owl! Oh boy...I *AM* nuts! :)

Summerthyme Studio said...

Wonderful Cards Alicia!!! We used the same stamps this week!!! lol!

Both so cheery!


Melissa said...

Love your card and treat bag Alicia! Great job!!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Both are super cute! I adore the lil' dino bag--how fun!


Scrappinangler said...

These cards are adorable! Love the bright colors on the birthday card! The Boo treat is so cute! :)

Tracey Cuccia said...

These are adorable Alicia --

I'm glad you are getting a little more sleep. {{HUGS}} just because :)

Glad you are relaxing this weekend!

Kristin Bueter said...

OMG have me cracking up reading your post! LOL...ha ha ha ha. "I went a little crazy with the dots" and "I don't mean "Dear""...bahahahaha

You should share Ava's colored owls! I want to see what she does with them :O)

I'm glad to hear you canceled your party today...not because of the great friends who won't be stopping by, but so you don't have to deal with the stress of hosting in this cold, rainy weather. Which you must have sent my way, by the way. It has been cold and a steady, heavy drizzle for three days now. Blech. So, I HOPE you enjoy your time finishing Kale's room, crafting, photographing Ava, or simply resting and relaxing :)

I LOVE your cute owl birthday card...and each and every single dot!! LOL I also love the sweet little oreo cookie bag you created with that dinosaur-boy! How cute! The green is so fresh and fun!! What little kid wouldn't want to receive it as a gift? None that I know!

Hope all is well with you. I'm going to email you later...I have something up my sleeve that I want to share with you :O)

Maria said...

Hey Alicia! Your card and goody bag are so darn cute! I love the colors on your first card. . .perfect for a birthday card and your dino treat bag is so fun!! You did a fabulous job on this week's release!!