Saturday, October 31, 2009

JUGS Challenge #5

So the girls over at JUGS are having a challenge this week to make a Christmas card with a photo. Kristin gave me credit for this, but I've stepped down with my "duties" for this team due to a LOT of things going on.....being that I'm having a baby in a little over 2 weeks might have a lot to do with it!!! I read Kristin's blog this morning and thought I would pull out my Christmas card from last year. It's a little different layout than what I originally ended up with, but everyone is still sleeping here at my house so I opted to not take a new pictures. This is one of my favorite pictures of my kiddos. It's supposed to represent Joseph and Mary carrying baby JESUS on a donkey. Of course that is our little burro, Ranger, our kids pride and joy. Since we took this picture last year, the kids kept calling this particular baby "Baby Jesus". It's too cute. The baby is actually pink, so "SANTA" brought Ethan one just like it except in blue for Christmas last year.

Here's a picture from Christmas last year with both baby "Jesus" riding on their horses.

This year I just can't bring myself to make a photo Christmas card. It's just hard to do the "traditional" things so I'm opting out of this for this year. Maybe next year will be different, we'll see. At least I take pictures again, right after Ethan died I couldn't even take pictures of Ava.

Hope you all hop over to the JUGS site and join in their challenge. Kristin has some blog candy....she's giving away a digital image by just joining in the fun! Have a great Halloween weekend!


Stampin' Pam said...

Oh Alicia - what a precious card from last year. It's wonderful. I'm sure it's also very hard for you as you steps through ALL of the "firsts" since losing your precious Ethan. The year has to be challenging. Hope you are doing well as you approach the final days of pregnancy. Please let one of us know when your new bundle of joy arrives! We'll all be anxious to see photos - I am glad you can take pictures again. Hugs to you and thanks for a fun challenge idea.

Winnie said...

I love your card! It is such a beautiful memory for you and your family. (Being in NYC I can't imagine even seeing a donkey, much less owning one!) I know the holiday will be hard but you will find some joy in it at times with your daughter and husband. Can't wait to hear about your upcoming family addition! Take care!