Friday, October 23, 2009

Decorating 101!

Finally I have pictures to share of my kiddo's rooms. My Mom came down to help me finish up the baby room and I LOVE how it turned out.

Here is the new rocking chair pad cover that I got to match the room. I thought this paisley print went perfectly in his room.

Here is a YEE HAW sign that I actually made for Ethan's 4th brithday party. It was the banner than we hung up and our friend Brick remembers oh so vividly Ethan pointing to his sign saying that it said "Happy Birthday Ethan".

Here's a look at the wall of "frames". I got this idea from something in a pottery barn magazine. I just took unfinished 12x12 frames, painted them red, bought red gingham paper and cut out a 6x6 square and added the art in the middle. This is one of my favorite parts of the room.

Two new frames for baby Kale. The horses are acutally a metal ornament and makes it 3D. The other is an embroidered boot and hat by my sister-in-laws Mom.

Here are the other 2 frames. The star is another metal Christmas ornament another one of Donna's embroidered designs.

This is Ethan's barn on his train table built by Papa. Ethan painted his barn red just a couple days before he died. It probably needs another coat or two of paint, but to me it is just perfect and will stay this way for a very long time.

Here is the baby's changing table. Soon instead of the cowboy picture there will be a frame with all of Kale's information and a picture. I decided to wait until he got here to make that!

All of the bedding/curtains in the room are Ethan's. He picked this out from Target and just loved his cowboy themed room. This is exactly how Ethan would have wanted the room for his baby brother!
Here's a peek at Ava girl's room. The house/bookshelf on the back wall is what Papa made for her. It was another Pottery Barn inspiration. The furniture Ava just got and she loves her new big girl bed and dresser.

Here's Ava's matching vanity. She loves to fill the drawers with little things. I think she is really going to love having this some day....what little girl wouldn't?? The "A" sitting on her vanity is actually something I had when I was little that my Mom painted for me. The kittens on her vanity are my collection of Calico Kittens that I collected too.

I couldn't get away without getting a picture of Ava girl showing off her room. She is pretty good about making her bed each morning. I got this bedding from Wal-Mart. I loved all of the little birds. I only spent $35 on it, and had to take back all of the Pottery Barn stuff I had bought. We are going to build a house next year so I imagine that she'll probably want to do something different in her room so $35 isn't too bad for some "temporary" bedding.

Here's a shot of Ava sitting at her vanity....she wanted me to take this pic too!

Here's a picture of Ava's bed and her wall decorations. I made the personalized wall hanging a while back and the tree is from SU, one of those art deco things that you just press onto your wall. I think I have finally figured out a saying to put with it. Wouldn't "Good night TweetHeart" be cute! Get it Tweet!!

The other walls have her personalized frame that I just finished up a while ago too and a shelf that houses pictures of me when I was little both with my Mom and my Dad. It has little shoes from when I was a baby and some baby booties of Ava's too.
Here's a closeup of those wall decs.

That's it for today. I know I've been promising pictures of my kids rooms for a while now and I'm so glad that they are finished, now if I only had my daughter's Halloween costume ready!! I'll get it done and imagine this, it's another Pottery Barn inspiration too!!


mamia said...

So sweet! You can see how proud Ava is of her room from the smile on her face. I love Pottery Barn stuff too, but is so expensive. I will have to try to copy some of it although I am not very creative when it comes to home decor. Have a blessed day!

MEL said...

Both rooms are absolutely gorgeous! I remember when you posted about Ethan painting that barn. I would keep it that way forever and not paint over it. ;)

Heather Schlatter said...

Hey Alicia,

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! I love both of the rooms and I think it is awesome that you incorporated so many of Ethan's things into Kale's room. Not long now and you will have your new bunddle at home!!!

I think your kids rooms are dream rooms ant that is so awesome that you have done that for them!!!

One of these days I really need to send that Card I made for the give away I did on my blog to help raise money for Ethan's Pink Cat Studio Fund Raiser I did that red barn especially for Ethan, and honestly I would never paint over his barn!!!! If it will never be out in the weather then you will always have this barn to remember one of the last things he gave to you the memory of him wanting his barn red!!! My kids do not understant why the Huge Barn at Grandma and Poppy's farm is natural aged wood and not brown and the metal building is brown too!!! I think all barns should be red Ethan knew exactly what to do!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing once again I have a tear coming out of each eye thinking about Ethan and I never even knew him, your story touched so many and he will not be forgotten!!!


The Schmidt Family said...

The kids rooms are great! Kale's room is unique, but still Ethan. I'd say it's a perfect blend and Kale will get to learn all the stories of Ethan's items.
Couple more weeks - hang in there!