Friday, August 8, 2008

Sketch time with "Lauren Meader"

Here is Lauren's Saturday Sketch!

It's Saturday! I'm writing this before I even get the good news from our son's I'm being optimistic that all is clear! I couldn't sleep Friday morning so I got up around 5:00 and worked on my card for the sketch......time was hard to find this week as we traveled to and from the hospital everyday since Wednesday. I really liked the sketch this week! I thought about using buttons, then about just circles and when I sat down to make the card, I decided on stars....why not! I flipped the sketch over and here is what I ended up with. Ethan just had his Cowboy Birthday Party and I need to make thank yous!

We just got him new bedding too for his room. He wants a cowboy room now. He has the cutest train bedroom, but he has been asking for quite some time now for a cowboy room with matching curtains and kidding, he is only 4, but he really did ask for matching curtains and bedding! It's adorable. He picked it out from now my Grandma will have more curtains to make! She has made all of the curtains in my house.....expect Ava's room and my Mom made those! This time we are going to use extra bed sheets.
We are off to the Ozarks for the weekend with friends. This will be nice because we haven't been anywhere, just the 2 of us in well over a year......probably longer than that! We'll proabaly worry about the kids the entire time, but that's okay! This will be the first time we have left Ethan overnight since he got sick last year! He is perfectly fine now so we have no problem leaving him. Ava is used to staying at Grandma and Papa's so she probably won't think anything of it! Hope we have a good time and hope all of you have a great weekend. If you try out Lauren's sketch, let me know on a post and I'll take a look! Here's the other gals on Lauren's and their take a look at what everyone has created this week!
"It's early Saturday morning now as I update my post". Our news from scans today wasn't what we had hoped for. They saw a "Spot" on the bone scan on Ethan's right knee and an "area" on the MIBG scan on his right knee. They are working on setting up an MRI for early next week and we'll take things from there. Please keep our son in your prayers. This could be Neuroblastoma, infection, or trauma and we are praying that it is just trauma. Time will tell.


Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh Alicia Im praying for you. Lets just hope its Truama. He is a active 4year old so anything is possible right?

Your card is super adorable. Love the stars and the flip. Dont ever stress over these sketches OK! Do what you need to do for Ethan (unless this helps you relieve a tiny bit of stress).
Oh I can't believe your weekend is going to be filled with so much worry. I know how you feel. Its like an eternity. God is taking care of Ethan and you. HUGS!!

Ashley said...

I'll be praying for you guys too!

I LOVE this card! It's SUPER cute! Great job!

Kirsten said...

Wow, Alicia, add me to that list of folks praying for your little boy! What sweet pictures you have of the two little ones!

My 4 yr old, Wyatt, was so almost going to be an "Ethan". That was one of our top three names, along with "Noah".

What's also funny is that my SSC card for today is going to a little girl named "Ava"! Okay, maybe it's just funny to me! LOL

Anywho, big hugs to you and your family!

Kirsten said...

Oh, and your card is adorable too!!! (Forgot that part!) :)

Kristy said...

Very pretty. I love the horse and how it looks like it's running away.

Elaine said...

I like your take on the sketch! Great job!

Kim Gasper said...

Alicia, I will be thinking of you and praying for little Ethan. I hope everything turns out alright.

Your card is super cute. I love the western theme. I have this set and haven't done anything I like with it yet.

Maria Levine said...

I hope all goes well and it is just simple truama.

Your card came out really nice.

MacKenzie said...

Hi Alicia,
I have an Ethan also! Your Ethan will be in my prayers. {{{hugs}}}