Monday, August 25, 2008

A little Baby Card and some Concrete!

A friend of mine just had a baby.....Lilly and this is the card I made for her. She might actually see it online first, but that is okay!!! I saw one very similar on Papertrey's online gallery. I used the Bity Baby Blessings set and Berry Sorbet patterned paper. I'm really into paper piecing so I had fun making this card.

We are still waiting to hear back from Ethan's biopsy. We aren't just sitting around waiting though.....we had a very busy weekend visiting with friends and today we poured the concrete floor of Ethan's new horse barn for his Make-A-Wish horse. Sonador will be here next Wednesday so we have a lot to do before then. We are having a barn raising if everything comes together this weekend! I have some cute pictures of Ethan helping with the pour today. He helped Mommy with the trowel and then got to help with the Big Trowel and thought he was pretty big stuff! He is quite the little man. He had about a 1/2" sample taken out of his bone above his knee on Friday and couldn't walk Sat, walked and stood with some help yesterday and today he can walk and stand by himself with a limp. I'm very proud at how determined he is to walk again. Hopefully I'll get some more cards stamped this week, but I'm really wanting to scrapbook so maybe just maybe I'll have a page to share as well!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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