Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clean Up!!!

I'm trying to organize a little more in my stamp room so that means I need to go through my stamps and sort. I'd love to get rid of these sets below. Just send me an e-mail at twoengrs@adams.net and I'll get back with you on the shipping. I have more down stairs in a tub......but that will have to be for another day!

I don't have anything to share today! I decided to clean instead of stamp!!! I definitely can say that I like stamping a lot better than cleaning!!! Here are a couple pictures of my "small and cozy" stampin space. It's pretty well organized, but very tiny! It works though!

Circus Train $10
Bodacious Bouquet $15
Definitely Decorative Fresh Fruits $15
Definitely Decorative Crayon Fun $10
Fun Faces $7
Rhyme Time $10
Kids at Play $15
Define Your Life (Brand New) $25
Little Layers Plus $7
Mini Messages $5
Fun Filled $5
Along the Same Lines $10
Love Ya Bunches $7
Everyday Flexible Phrases (Brand New) $20
Mini Mates $15
Too Terrific Tags $7
Holiday Spirit $15
Little Hellos $10
Holiday Blocks $10
Fun With Shapes $15
Nature's Secret $15
Year-Round Fun II $10

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