Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Digi Scrapbooking!

I got to spend a "few" minutes yesterday organizing my scrapbooking pictures. I LOVE to scrapbook, but after Ethan got sick I just didn't have the energy to do it. I have done some pages here and there, but I'm literally a few years behind now and I'm trying to rethink how I am going to "catch up". It's not something I have to do, but it is definitely something I want to do. All I have left now are memories of Ethan and I want those to live on forever, so me creating his scrapbooks is very therapeutic. I found this link via another friends website called I tried some of their pre-made layouts and thought....maybe I should just do some digital scrapbooking to try and catch up and if I want to actually do the page myself I can. Here is what I ended up with for Ava's 1st birthday pages. I ordered them from 12x12 pages are $1.99 each. I have 2 on order so I'm going to wait and see how they turn out.
Right now I scrapbook everything for all 3 kids. I have separate books for each and I don't mean one per year, I have several per year. I'm rethinking my system and am wondering what kind of advice any of you might have to add. I'm definitely not going all digital because I love to scrapbook too much. I'm thinking that I'm going to start buying some pages for my books that I can just insert pictures in like a typical photo album, but mix the book up with both pages and pictures alone. We'll see. I need a weekend with just me and my pictures so I can get them all organized....they are organized on my computer so at least that part is done.
I'm home today....finally! I went to work and dropped the kids off at my Mom's because Ava still wasn't feeling up to par. She was fine Sat, but later on Sunday she started with diarrhea again and it didn't let up this morning, so we waited for over 2 hours in the walk in. What a long morning. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Both kiddos are down for a nap right now, but should be waking up soon. I'm sure hoping that she is on the mend! So far noone else in the family has gotten this bug.


Lynn said...

Hope Ava starts feeling better very soon!

For my boys scrapbooking, I keep a family album of family events (holidays, vacations, etc.) For each child, I put in occasions specific to them...birthdays, sports they participate in, school photos, etc. This has made it a little more manageable. My oldest has four albums for his first two years and many of the pictures are the same as the family album from that time...I felt like I was scrapbooking the same photos over and over :) This has made it a little better keeping up with four boys albums!

Lisa Kind said...

Darling pages, Alicia! No advice from me on scrapbooking! I have not done a page in so long. I was redoing my MIL's book, but never finished! It is too overwhelming for me! Hope Ava is better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia! I understand what you mean by finding it hard to scrapbook so many memories. Your mentioning an album where you could put photos and other tags in reminded me of Becky Higgins' Project Life. Have you seen it? It will probably work really well for you! especially with such precious memories of Ethan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia. My daughter in law does some beautiful scrapbooking of my granddaughters. She did the first two years with all the milestones espcially the first year she did it by month. Now she does the memorables, but not every month, like holidays, birthdays, and trips they go on. And her books are still beautiful. How does she do this she get me her mother-in-law to watch the girls for one full day. If you could get your mom or in law to do this it might help you catch up. good luck. I love your site. Sandy