Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Ava!

My sweet Ava turned 4 last week and we had a wonderful week celebrating her big day! We had her party on Saturday and the day was absolutely beautiful. The week was so crazy heading up to her party and we were all ready to unwind by Saturday night. One of her favorite gifts is her new cowgirl hat. There are some sweet pics of her and some really cute ones of Ava and Kale sporting their cowboy/girl hats.Grandma Klusmeyer helped make Ava Girl a horse cake, just like the one she made for Ethan last May. He wanted to take a horse cake to school so Ethan called Grandma on the way to the hospital to see if she could make that for him and she did. Ava's was the same except with pink...of course!Here we are showing off our hats....she has some pink bling on hers that she loves!
She got a new baby car seat carrier for her baby doll so now we travel with Kale in his seat and Ava carries her car seat with her baby too. We get a lot of laughs when we walk into stores. She is very excited to be 4. She told me that morning that she was 4 and now she could go to school today!

Here is Ava with me and her best buddy, Andrea. They are both 4 now so Ava is very excited about that!
Tonight we were out enjoying the weather and captured the kids having fun. Kale just laughs and laughs at his sister....I think he likes her a little!

Enjoy your week....I have another busy one here with my family, work, and stamping! I might be back mid-week so share some stamping goodies, otherwise I'll be back Sat morning with my JUGS color challenge!


debbie said...

Ava is such a pretty girl! love the picture of her and Kale with their cowboy,cowgirl hats. they are too cute!

Anki said...

Happy b'lated b'day Ava! You look good! I know how important it is to turn 4 - and I keep on telling my Mom how tall and grown up I am. I'm turning 4 in July. My Mom is writing this - but she's following you and your family and showing me what you are up to. Hugs from Sweden - Isac - (Mom is helping me writing this)

Lisa Kind said...

OMGosh your kids are so cute with those hats, alicia! What a fun time Ava must have had! I hope she remembers all of this when she's 24!

Stampin' Pam said...

What a FUN party Alicia - Ava is SO much the little girly girl and with her cowboy hat she is just "All that" LOVE IT - your photos are great - glad it all worked out well for you. :-)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Awe Alicia! Your family is so beautiful & it looks like your daughter had a wonderful time :)