Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Fall Day!

Yesterday was a great fall day here in Illinois. We got to take a walk to the winery, on our minature burro, Ranger. It was fun and the weather was just perfect. We even got to go out with some friends tonight to a wine fest and out to an Italian supper at a local hotspot. I captured some cute shots of Ava girl that I thought I would share. I didn't get any stamping accomplished so my template will have to wait for another day....that's okay, we had fun hanging out today as a family and that is what life is all about!

I was talking to a friend today about how much Ava likes to write her letters and loves to write people's names. I had begun to teach Ethan his letters and he was catching on and writing, but wasn't as into it as Ava seems to be at a much younger age. Now Ethan was very into numbers and could add things in his head at a very young age. I was just talking about this today and on the way home from picking up Ava tonight we were naming off her aunts and uncles and she named all of her uncles and then said.....I have 5 of them right? I was's exactly how Ethan used to do things. He would just say something and then could add things up immediately in his head. I just thought it was really cool that she is doing this now and even more cool that Ethan used to do this too.

On to my pictures from today. Ranger is just the best little pet anyone could ever have. He's gearing up for his 2nd debut in our local high school homecoming parade next week. Lilly Rose is in the pics too. She even went for the ride to the winery because she was following us and I was afraid she was going to get hit.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hopefully I'll get my my template challenge, but I'm not promising anything as I need to get laundry finished and have several more things on my "to do" list for Kale's room. We went to church today and then I spent part of the day with my Mom and Grandma working on Kale's diaper's going to be so cute. I have some stamping stuff to finish in his room too, so I'll definitely be stamping soon.....just haven't gotten to it this weekend. I had a long week last week as I worked my usual Mon/Tues, but on Thursday we had to leave at 4:30 in the morning to get to a conference in St. Louis. It made for a "very" short night Wed and I was so tired by the time Friday rolled around. We then canned applesauce and apple butter Friday afternoon and had friends over Friday night.....nothing like trying to pack too much into a weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll be back soon to share pics of Kale's baby room, the diaper bag, and I think it's about time I took pictures of Ava's room too!


Kristin Bueter said...


What adorable pictures of Ava! I love the one of her on the fence...that's so cute to me (they all are, but that's my fave). How awesome that she's counting just like Ethan used to. I'm sure it's heart warming when those similarities reveal themselves. Maybe your angel is rubbing off on her from above :)

Oh, I have to tell you. When I saw the first picture of her holding Lilly Rose, I thought she was holding a skunk for a second! The white threw me off :O) I couldn't imagine why you would have let her hold that skunk but couldn't wait to read about it! LOL

Glad you had a good weekend. The trip to the winery sounds like fun :) You're so is what life is all about.

Can't wait to see pics of the diaper bag and Kale and Ava's rooms!! I'd rather see that then a project any day :O)

mamia said...

I love those pink boots and Ava's smile is adorable! I still think of you often in my prayer time. I admire your strenght.

Anonymous said...

I love those pink cowgirl boots. Ava is one adorable little girl and speaking as a teacher girls love reading and writing so much more than boys. Just enjoy evey moment with that precious little girl because time goes by too fast. And may I comment on your strength, it is fantastic. I continue to pray for you and it sounds like prayers are answered because of your ability to move on even with heartache. Sandy from MD