Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Loads of Love

Thought I would share a card with you that I made last year. I know it's "old", but I really liked how it turned out and it's getting closer to Valentine's Day so I thought I would share it with you. This is a great set from SU called Loads of Love. This set is very versatile because you can do so much with it. I'll be back later today...I hope to share a new baby card. My friend is in the hospital right now having her first baby. Hopefully her labor will go quickly.

Yesterday we spent the day at the hospital in the clinic with Ethan. He had to get a stem cell rescue. Basically what this is are stem cells that were harvested back in Sept before he had his MIBG treatment. The doctors were expecting Ethan's counts to drop and that he would possibly need this and he did. So we are now waiting on Ethan to engraft and for his bone marrow to recover so we can proceed with a new drug. It's all so new and scary, but we are praying hard that all works out. You would just be amazed at our son. You honestly can't tell a thing is wrong. He runs around with endless energy, has a full head of curly hair and is just a very imaginative, fun 4 year old. We are so grateful for that. Today we are just very grateful to be home and enjoying some down time.
Check out my list of blogs on the left....I have some new links listed so check them out. I'm going to try to keep on track today and make a couple scrapbook pages. Yesterday I obviously didn't get to do anything, but I'm hopeful I'll get back at it today. Ethan is having a friend over to play so it will be a busy day. Ethan is really excited about getting to play with his friend. Thanks for stopping by!


Heather said...


Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog I enjoy them!!!

I am glad You are home and Ethan is doing well that is awesome that Ethan is so full of energy and has his hair and can be a happy little boy.

So many kids with Cancer do not have that energy and I pray he can keep that up till full recovery!!!

Having a friend over to play is always the most fun for a four year old!!!

We are blessed with our 6 year old to have a little girl right next door who is 1 month older they have practically lived together since they were 3 years old they play together all the time. Unfortunetly my other kids do not have any kids their ages in the neighborhood we have the youngest batch of kids and all the other families youngest are my oldest's age. So we have to work harder to have play times for them!!!

I love that Loads of Love stamp set. I do not have it but before it retires I have to get it as It is very versatile and a much needed thing for Man Cards I think!!!

Have a Great Day Alicia, and good luck on your Scrapbook pages!!! I need to set some goals for that and get doing them!!!


lmangan said...

Thanks for sharing with us on your blog. Although I've never met you, I keep your son and family in my thoughts often. I love stopping my your blog.


Leanne said...

Yay! You found the Valentine's card! I really like how you punched out the layer with the scallop and then put a circle in there. I will have to try that. I hope Ethan is doing well. :)