Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Having Fun with my Baby!

My Baby Kale is getting so big and is SOOO much FUN!! He is just one happy little guy most of the time. Last night we went out and got him a new jumparoo to play in. He seems to like it. I'm sure we'll get a lot of use out of this in the months to come . And here is Kale in an outfit that my friend Maria gave him. I think this had Kale's name written all over it when she saw it in the store.....isn't it adorable! He wasn't too crazy about the hat, but darn it looked cute!

Last night Kale got to try cereal from a spoon. He'll be 4 months on the 13th so I thought I would give it a whirl. He really seemed to like it. I can't wait to see how big he is at his next doctor's appt. According to our scales he is well over 16 pounds!

Hope these pictures bring a smile to your day!


michib2006 said...

what a little darlin' (I guess not so little). Yep, brought a smile to my face ~ thanks for the pics.

Debbie said...

They certainly did! thanks for sharing

Lauretta's Digital stamps said...

So cute... so so cute ;)) love this cute outfit... :)) This little boy looks sooooo ful of joy ;)) and mommy's heart too..

beautiful.. hugs x