Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Ava is turning 3 and Fun Painting!

My baby, Ava girl, is turning 3 in a couple weeks. She is very excited! I haven't been doing hardly any stamping at all, but I can't forget about our little girl. I've actually had these in the works for quite a while, but then things came up and here it is just a little over a week before her party and I'm just now getting them finished! Oh's the thought that counts right. I don't know if you remember my post from "It's in the Bag Challenge for PTI". Well, I made Ava a birthday bag with ice cream cones on it, so the invite goes with her birthday bag! Ava loves ice cream and would eat it everyday if I let her!

On Sunday, after we returned from a surprise visit to the ER on Saturday for a fever, Daddy and Ethan were hard at work out in the barn making Mommy a picture frame. I got home from picking up Ava from my Mom's house and Ethan was hiding his surprise from me, but then he wanted to come inside and get it painted, a dark blue! Here are some pics of Ethan having a good time painting my new picture frame. He is so proud of it!

Ethan is doing well. There is no change in anything and we are so thankful for that. He's had a cold and he got a fever on Sat night that ended us up in the ER, but luckily it was just viral so we didn't have to be admitted. He still has a lingering cough, but other than that he is doing great. We got to take him to see some bull riding on Friday and he was in his glory. They even let Ethan ride a bull after the show. It was very neat to see. Here is Ethan on the bull with Rob Smets, a 5 time world champion bull rider! Thanks once again for all the nice comments and cards that I have been receiving. It's so nice knowing there are people from all over the world praying for our Ethan.


Tracey said...

What GREAT photos - Ethan is just cute beyond words...his picture frame for you is great!

Glad to hear that it was viral, and no hospitalization! {{{HUGS}}} and continued prayers.

Tracey said...

-and great invites too - I ALWAYS hit submit too quickly...

Lynn M said...

Love the invites - adorable! Ethan's pictures are great! So glad he is feeling good! Hopefully with the weather getting a little warmer some of the viruses will go away too!

Kristin Bueter said...

Awwh...such a cute card to go with the gift bag you created! I'm sure Ava will LOVE them as well...and promptly ask for some ice cream?? :O)

So glad to hear that Ethan is doing well. You are all still in my prayers.

How exciting for Ethan to meet the famous bull riding champion...and sit on the bull! That's so cool!!

Heather said...


I am glad you got a little stamping time in!!! It is hard to keep up the invites and such as cute as you did for your first one by the time you get to your 3rd one (talking about myself here) cause then you have 3 times as much other work!!!! LOL

I do remember your bag for PTI and this invite is great for it!!!

I have wanted to send Happy Cards to the kids but I e-mailed both MacKenzie and Lauren and asked for your address and neither replied so if you want to send it to me some time I would love to send Happy cards, not sad or anything because I so admire the happiness you continue to breath into your kids lifes!!!!!


beth said...

Hope everyone is doing fine - i noticed you haven't posted in a few days. Praying for you and your family.

Ink, paper and BLING! said...

My goodness with all you have going on you still found time to make such darling invites!
I am glad Ethan is doing well. My prayers are still with you and your family.