Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's been a while!'s been a while!  A little over 2 years has flown by and I got the urge to start blogging again.  Facebook seems to get a little too political and full of drama and my blog can be just about fun stamping stuff and my kiddos!  Let's see.  Ava is now 9 1/2, Kale just turned 6 and Miss Emelia isn't a baby anymore and is 4 years old.  They keep us hopping.  We are still hosting Ethan's Rodeo and had a very successful 6th year and donated $33,000.  It's awesome to see Ethan's memory living on. 

Due to me not having most of my pictures on my computer anymore, I will have to learn how to blog from my phone!  That's where all my fun stamping creations are.  So until then....I will have some invitations to share from all of my kids birthdays so stay tuned!

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Lynn said...

Love seeing you back here!