Monday, November 23, 2015

Ava's Foxy Chick Birthday!

Ava turned 9 in April and wanted a fox themed birthday.  So "Foxy Chick" was it!  She wanted a frozen Lego set and its on display with all her other sets. They never come apart once they are together! 

Here's the cake table! 

I had s matching shirt made for her. She loved it! 

Here's her "Foxy Chick" invitations! 

Then came the fox cake. sort of looks like a fox! 

Here's the finished project!  She loved how it turned out! 

This is a canvas she painted at her sleepover with her friends.  

I love decorating and throwing parties. It's fun having the birthdays spread out over the year so I can have fun planning each one! 

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