Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Decor

I love to decorate.....surprise, surprise, but I've never gotten to decorate for Valentine's Day before.  My husband does not like the "Hallmark" holiday, but I do and I love how my mantle turned out.  The bird house was one of the first things I bought for our house and I try to incorporate it for every holiday.  I love the little heart banner I made on my cricut.  I made another little heart banner by just using one of my heart punches, a little hot glue, and some jute.  I've had the LOVE sign forever and the heart wreath I'm pretty proud of because it is just some greenery that I had in our old house and I wired it into the shape of a heart.  I spent.....$0 to make my mantle festive for the holiday!  I'm already planning what's in store for spring/Easter.  Easter is a little early this year though so I'm going to have to do some extra thinking so I can use what I have for both!
 Here's a picture of it from a little further back.  I painted the decorative piece on the front of our fireplace before I decorated for Christmas and I really like it still.  Hope you enjoy and get inspired to decorate at your own house!

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